Members University Budget Committee

AY 2010 / 2011

 Committee Position Incumbent Title
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Co-Chair [non-voting]
Emily Cutrer Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services Co-Chair [non-voting]
Linda Hawk
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services
Academic Senate Chair (or designee)
Rika Yoshii
Academic Senate Chair and Professor, Dept of Computer Science & Information Systems, College of Arts & Sciences
Academic Senate Budget and Long-Range Planning Committee Chair (or designee)
Staci Beavers
BLP Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences
Associated Students, Inc. President (or designee)
Susana Figueroa
President, Associated Students, Inc.
Academic Affairs Representative (Provost's Designee) Jennifer Jeffries AVP for Planning, Accreditation & Assessment
Finance and Administrative Services Representative (CFO/VPFAS' Designee)
Katy Rees
Director of Strategic Planning and Administrative Services
Student Affairs Representative (VPSA's Designee)
Bridget Blanshan
Dean of Students and AVP for Student Development Services
University Advancement Representative (VPUA's Designee)
Tina Bell
Director of Resource Management and Planning
Staff Representative (3-year appointment, AY 2008-09 through AY 2010-11)
Julie Mattingly
Assocate Director, Campus Life and Student Leadership, Division of Student Affairs
Ex Officio (non-voting): [*invited to ensure continuity on the Committee when asuming the chair position the next year]
Academic Senate Vice Chair/Chair-elect* (or designee)
Wayne Aitken
Academic Senate Vice Chair AY10-11/AY 11-12 Senate Chair-elect, Professor, Dept of Mathematics, College of Arts & Sciences
ASI Vice President for Finance (or designee)
Jose Lopez
ASI VP for Finance
Staff to Committee:

Staff to UBC
Matt Ceppi
Chief of Staff, Office of the President, and Director, Institutional Planning & Analysis
Staff to UBC
Mary Hinchman
AVP for Business and Financial Services
Staff to UBC
Liz Rojas
Director, University Budget Office
Staff to UBC

Bill Ward

Associate Dean, IITS
Staff to UBC Marcy Boyle Assistant to the Provost & VPAA

Revised 09/30/10