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Curriculog is the program through which all Curriculum approval processes are submitted and reviewed. This fully web-based system allows for course and program origination, curriculum and program changes, as well as review and approval process by committee.

Curriculog Faculty Training

Please contact Criselda Yee x8887 or Gayle Feallock x8881 to request your training time or for assistance.

*We provide training on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • We can provide training one-on-one or hold training sessions in conference rooms if attendees bring laptops.
  • Training can cover a basic overview, or be customized to areas such as: entering a proposal, creating an agenda (for committee chairs), or navigating the approval process.

For technical support or if you need assistance completing a particular form in Curriculog, please email:

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