• Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


CSU San Marcos offers a program of courses leading to a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. Biochemistry focuses on the atomic and molecular level principles of chemical reactions in living systems. It is involved with elucidating the structure and function of biological molecules that control the basic processes in living organisms. It therefore plays an important role in understanding the chemical causes of disease, the development of medicines to control and cure illnesses, and the development of safe food supplies. Biochemistry majors are needed to help solve some of society's most difficult technological problems through research, development, and teaching.

The degree in Biochemistry prepares students to go into a variety of careers. Students are prepared for industrial careers in both the biotechnology and traditional drug development sector. In addition, the courses required for the degree meet the requirements for almost all medical, dental, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary, and other health-profession schools. The degree is also excellent preparation for graduate work in biochemistry or the biomedical sciences. Therefore, the completion of this degree program leaves the student with many possible career options. (Students wishing to pursue a career in a health profession should meet with the CSUSM pre-health advisor for specific requirements for professional schools in their area).


To learn more about the Biochemistry program at CSU San Marcos, please visit the Chemistry department website.

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