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CSU San Marcos Academic Offerings: Criminology & Justice Studies


  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Justice Studies
  • Minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice


Our primary aim is to help students acquire the knowledge and analytic skills necessary to make sense of issues of criminology and social justice in an increasingly complex world. We want our graduates to be able to use the key insights and analytic methods of criminology, justice studies, and sociology to improve the social conditions in which they and others coexist. We expect holders of a California State University San Marcos bachelor's degree in Criminology and Justice Studies to be able to address large- and small-scale social problems through constructive empirical inquiry, critical analysis, and strategic action. The Criminology and Justice Studies major curriculum cultivates the theoretical, methodological, and advocacy skills integral to meeting these goals. The list below summarizes the primary knowledge and skills Criminology and Justice Studies majors possess at graduation.

The major purpose of the Minor in Criminology is to provide an expanded and more focused concentration on the study of criminology and the criminal justice system regarding 1) the study of deviance and the incidence and explanations for delinquency and crime; 2) methods of prevention and control of delinquency and crime; 3) characteristics and practices of the criminal justice system. Moreover, students will select a set of courses that add on to parts of this core, such as the study of women and crime, and the comparative study of crime in different societies. Students will broadly analyze the origins, causes, and consequences of crime and the structure of the criminal justice system in order to gain greater mastery of this socially important and very timely topic.


To learn more about Criminology & Justice Studies programs at CSU San Marcos, please visit the Sociology department website.