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CSU San Marcos Academic Offerings: Liberal Studies


  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
    • Border Studies Option (BRS)
    • Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Option (ESM)
    • Integrated Credential Program Option (ICP)
  • Minors
    • Border Studies Minor
    • Geography Minor
    • Linguistics Minor
  • Certificate
    • Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Certificate


The Liberal Studies Department offers three Options as majors, all leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. All three Options are suitable for students who start their undergraduate careers at CSUSM as well as for transfer students.

The Border Studies Option (BRS) is designed for students who want to acquire knowledge and skills regarding the dynamics that occur in regions where multiple communities come into overlapping contact and where borders of all sorts both divide and create communities. The BRS Option is particularly suited for students who want to become service professionals working within border regions in careers such as city planning, public policy, health professions, border patrol, education, and public administration.

The Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Option (ESM) and the Integrated Credential Program Option (ICP) are designed specifically for future K-8 teachers and meet the California Standards for Multiple Subject Matter Preparation Programs. The ESM provides the undergraduate preparation needed for entry into post-baccalaureate Multiple Subject Credential Programs while the ICP combines that undergraduate coursework with the curriculum of the School of Education’s Multiple Subject/English Learner Authorization Teacher Credential Program.

For students who do not wish to be teachers but are seeking a broad liberal arts education, the ESM provides such a curriculum. For these students, the ESM serves as a liberal arts foundation for high school, community college, and university student services jobs, NGOs focused on education issues, most graduate programs in the humanities and social sciences, as well as for law school.


To learn more about all the programs offered by the Liberal Studies Department at CSU San Marcos, please visit the Liberal Studies website...