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CSU San Marcos Academic Offerings: Mass Media


  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media


The Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media degree provides students with theoretical and practical frameworks for understanding media development, production, distribution, and its multiple social, political, cultural, and cognitive effects domestically and globally. We aim to produce graduates who are theoretically grounded, digitally literate, and sensitive to the ways in which power affects media production, distribution, representation, and access.

In our program, we generate a lively and stimulating socially conscious based and intellectual environment — one that allows every student to expand the scope of his or her cultural experience. The program is broad-based, focusing on a wide range of traditional and alternative media including television, radio, recorded music, journalism, publishing, the world wide web, and new communication technologies within their cultural, social, historical, economic, global, and political contexts. The goal of the degree program is to develop theoretically informed and critical consumers and innovative creators of media texts.


To learn more about the Mass Media program at CSU San Marcos, please visit the Mass Media website.