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CSU San Marcos Academic Offerings: Special Major


  • Bachelor of Arts in Special Major


The Special Major allows highly motivated students the opportunity to develop an individualized program of study that cannot be realized within a single academic discipline or available major. The special major consists of a closely monitored program of study in two or more disciplines. The program is developed in consultation with a Faculty Guidance Committee specifically formed of members of respective academic areas in the student's program and is supervised by a faculty advisor, who serves as chair of the committee. The program must be approved by the Dean of a College in coordination with the student's Faculty Guidance Committee.

Students interested in the Special Major must contact the Office of Undergraduate Advising Services for more information about applying for the Special Major. With the aid of the faculty advisor, students must select a Faculty Guidance Committee formed of two or more faculty members. The student's individualized program plan is then developed in consultation with the Faculty Guidance Committee and is submitted to the appropriate college dean for approval. The Dean, in consultation with the student's Faculty Guidance Committee, reviews and decides on the student's program plan.