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CSUSM's Accessibility Team currently consists of two full time staff and multiple student assistants. This staff's time is fully devoted to creating accessibile versions of campus materials, web accessibility, as well as campus trainings in accordance to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

If you are having issues logging in, accessing Cougar Courses, or other technical errors, please contact:

  • The Student Help Desk (for technical errors):  760.750.6505 or email

  • Or Cougar Courses Help (for issues related to Cougar Courses):

To contact the Accessibility Team, please email: or contact the team directly below.

Amanda Umphrey
Blake S.

Amanda Umphrey

Web Accessibility

Blake Schilling

Alternative Formats for Identified DSS Students

Location: Kellogg 2420 Location: Kellogg 2420
Phone #: (760) 750-8664 Phone #: (760) 750-8692
Email: Email: or