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If you encounter any files that are unreadable within a Cougar Course, site used in place of a Cougar Course, or web page, please submit it in the Student Accessibility Form.

Things to consider reporting:

  • Unreadable PDFs
  • Uncaptioned videos within a CSUSM environment, such as Mediasite (please no YouTube links)
  • PDFs that are not OCR scanned or tagged with headings
  • Word Docs that are not tagged with headings
  • Images without alt. text

The list at the left are of some helpful, campus endorsed programs or tutorials on making your content accessible to all viewers:

  • PDFgoHTML: is a free Adobe Acrobat Plug-in that converts PDFs into easy to read HTML. The Plug-in offers the features such as:
    • Browser Default: a clean, easy to read version of the document with high contrast.
    • Basic: a clean, easy to read version of the document with a light grey background.
    • Easy Reader: this setting is ideal for tablets, phones, and other devices.
    • Inverted: black background with white text.
    • Low Vision: large text for easy reading.
    • Dyslexia: a special font is used that makes deciphering letters easier to read.
  • Read & Write Gold is a literacy software that assists readers and writers in organizing and understanding content.
  • Bookshare an accessible, online library for people with print disabilities. Free membership is offered to U.S. students!