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College Application Steps

 College Application Steps for
Former Foster Youth

Do the following in the stated month:


Step 1:  Register to take either (just one) the SAT (part I)  or ACT test

Step 2: At the start of your senior year in high school (the first week of school) meet with your advisor to be sure you have or will have taken all the classes (A-G coursework) you need for admission to CSUSM.


Step 3: Take the SAT or ACT – this must be done by the end of December.
Step 4: Request the test results be sent to California State University San Marcos.

Step 5:  Find an adult that will agree to be your College Application Mentor and help you throughout the college application process. This could be your mentor, CASA Volunteer, counselor or social worker. Someone you trust to help YOU. They will receive information and communications from ACE Scholars Services (through email and/or phone) from September (when you begin your college application) until August when you begin the fall semester.


  ***All must be completed by October 31***

Step 6: Fill out the ACE Scholars Services application.

Step 7 Fill out and summit the California State University application be sure to include California State University San Marcos as one of your choices.

Step 8: Have your social worker mail or fax a dependency letter stating that you have been a dependent of the court and in the Foster Care System to:

ACE Scholars Services
California State University San Marcos
Craven Hall 3400
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001
Email:  FAX 760-750-3344

*** Application to Cal State San Marcos closes on November 30, there are no exceptions so we recommend it be completed in October.


Step 9 Make sure you did all the applications stated in OCTOBER and hope there is still room for you.

Step 10: Fill out the form for the Federal Personal Identification Number (PIN) 
              You will need this PIN number for all your financial aid.



Step 11 Fill out the form for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 

Step 12: Fill out the application for the California Chafee Grant Program. (IMPORTANT this is on a first come first receive basis – DO IT in January)

Step 13: Get your Grade Point Average (GPA) Verification form your high school counselor and have it mailed to:

           California Student Aid Commission
           Cal Grant Operations
           P.O. Box 419077
           Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-9077

***(Deadline for the FAFSA, Chafee and GPA Verification is March 2nd however it is HIGHLY recommended that it all be completed as early in January as possible.)

Step 14: Fill out the University Village Application (On Campus Housing)

Instructions for University Village Application Submission:
After Clicking on the University Village Application Link, Fill-in the application with your information.

For electronic submission: Students will type their name on the "signature line", save the application to their computer, then email it as an attachment to, with the subject title "ACE UVA Application".

For paper submission: Students will type in their information normally, sign their name on the "signature line". Then mail the application to:

    ACE Scholars Services Craven Hall 3400
    California State University San Marcos
    333 S.Twin Oaks Valley Road
    San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

All foster youth are required to live in University Village Apartments their freshman year.


Make sure you get your money

Step 15: Set up an account at the site which allows them to keep track of Cal Grant and Chafee applications, aid awards, change of address, change of college choice and so on. Make sure your applications are complete and summited

(Deadline for the FAFSA, Chafee and GPA Verification is March 2nd It is HIGHLY recommended that it all be completed as soon as possible.)


Step 15: Register to take the ELM/EPT (Entry Level Math and English Proficiency Tests).

                                                    (Take the ELM/EPT tests prior to April)

                                                 (Deadlines for the ELM/EPT vary each year)


Step 16: Take the ELM/EPT. You can retake the exam to imporve your score.

Step 16: Once you have been accepted to Cal State San Marcos go to the Checklist for Admitted Students.

You must file your INTENT to ENROLL by April 30, in order to attend CSUSM

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