• A&L sponsors events as requested on the proposal and are subject to approval.
  • A&L funding awards are based on a school-year-by-school-year basis.
  • A&L is the primary coordinator for all events awarded through this program unless prior arrangements have been made and discussed with the
    A&L Coordinator.
  • A&L provides financial support for standard tech fees for on-campus venues. These fees are not guaranteed and must be requested during the
    proposal process.
  • A&L provides publicity for the event in a semester brochure and on website postings.
  • A&L approves all publicity materials generated for A&L events that are created by the proposer and/or co-sponsoring organizations.
  • A&L provides a house manager and staff at the door, to scan tickets and assist with seating guests. 
  • A&L will photocopy black & white event programs, if requested in the proposal and received at least 7 days prior to the event.
  • A&L aspires to keep events free of charge for students through the support of Instructionally Related Activities grants.
  • If requested, proposer receives a maximum of 5 complimentary tickets.  If additional complimentary tickets are required, please indicate in the proposal or contact A&L. Faculty, staff, and members of the broader community will be charged for tickets.  All proceeds benefit programmatic growth.
  • A&L encourages co-sponsorships among campus entities, as well as partnerships with community organizations.
  • A&L encourages student proposals that are co-signed and linked to a faculty member or a student organization.
  • A&L strives to promote campus initiatives and diverse programming.
  • A&L is unable to provide funding and support for receptions and food.
  • A&L cannot coordinate travel, housing, or hospitality.  (Find local travel information here)
  • A&L prepares guest lecturer/artist contract(s) and facilitates the payment process once the contract is completed and returned. (Checks are mailed directly to the guest within 30 days following the event providing that all required documentation has been completed and returned by specified deadline.)
    Note: Payment contracts are emailed directly to the proposer for assistance with coordinating deadlines with the guest lecturer/artist. Advanced payments or deposits are not provided by A&L.
  • Events previously funded are welcome, but funding is not guaranteed based on prior acceptance.
  • Proposers may submit multiple applications for separate events.