Thank you for your 2015/16 submissions.  Please expect to hear back from A&L on your proposal by June 2015.


Proposal Guidelines and Criteria

CSUSM appreciates and relies on your expertise and knowledge in various fields to create excellent and diverse programming. 

Since the inception of CSUSM, the Arts and Lectures Series has provided the campus and community with an array of innovative art, lecture, and cultural events.  In 2004, the program became committee driven, and events are now curated through a call for proposals.  Proposals are welcome from faculty, staff and students from all departments as well as the general public.

This year we are going to try something new with the Arts and Lectures proposal submissions.  In order to facilitate bringing bigger events to campus and attempting to bolster our program, we are going to have two categories up for submission:

     1)    We will still be accepting submissions as normal for events that will receive a maximum of $2,000 for the guest contract and up to $300.00 for the necessary tech support and facilities costs.  These events will still make up the bulk of the program and will need co-sponsorship if more than $2,300.00 is needed to put on the event.

     2)    We will be accepting submissions for one Signature event per semester.  This event will be awarded up to $7,500 to include the contract fee and all tech and facilities fees.  The proposer must be able to raise funds that will match or exceed the amount requested, and needs to include a written plan with their proposal outlining where the funds will come from and confirmation from those sources.  Please use the standard A&L Funding Request Form when asking for outside support.  Please contact the A&L Coordinator with any questions.

We will be accepting fewer events over the year in order to accommodate one signature event per semester.  We plan on doing around 10 events per semester.  Please read the submission form carefully so it is clear to us by your answers which category you will be submitting to.

**Alternate performance spaces may be available, please contact Gina Jones to find out more.

We look forward to your proposals!

Prior to submitting a proposal it is important to review the Standard Practices of the Office of Arts & Lectures and the Expectations of the Proposer so that you understand your duties and requirements as a proposer.  You will need to correspond with your proposed guest lecturer/artist(s) regarding the travel arrangements and other matters.    

A Performance Hall Technical Questionnaire must also be submitted for events taking place in ARTS 111.

Submit a Proposal  

**Submissions will be accepted until April 5th, 2015.

For further information, please contact Gina Jones, Arts & Lectures Coordinator at 760.750.8272 or