The proposal process is now OPEN for AY 2014/2015.

Deadline extended to April 18th!


Arts & Lectures

On behalf of the Arts & Lectures Advisory Committee, we  welcome your proposals for AY14-15 season.  As past practice, CSUSM appreciates and relies on your expertise and knowledge in various fields to create excellent and diverse programming. 
The proposal form reflects the needs of various campus entities that support the program.   Therefore, we request that you carefully review the updated proposal form along with the Standard Practices and the Expectations of the Proposer in advance so that you correspond with your proposed guest lecturer/artist(s) regarding the technical details and other matters that have an impact on curatorial factors.    
We look forward to your proposals.

Proposal Guidelines and Criteria

Since the inception of CSUSM, the Arts and Lectures Series has provided the campus and community an array of innovative art, lectures, and cultural events. In 2004, the program became committee driven, and events are curated through a call for proposals.  Proposals are welcome from faculty, staff, and students from all departments as well the general public.

The Arts & Lectures Committee can fund requests up to $2,000 for performance/lecture fees and up to $300.00 for necessary tech support and facility costs. Events costing more than $2,300 should include co-sponsorship.

Prior to submitting a proposal it is important to review the Standard Practices of the Office of Arts & Lectures and the Expectations of the Proposer.

Completed "Proposal for Event Funding AY 14-15" forms will be due by: April 18, 2014.

A Performance Hall Technical Questionnaire must also be submitted for events taking place in ARTS 111.

Submit a Proposal 

For further information, please contact Marilyn Huerta, Arts & Lectures Coordinator at 760.750.8889.