What Students Say About the ALCI:

The ALCI has great teachers and a really good campus.  If you want to learn English, you should come here.  I loved it , and you will too! 
--Jessica, Sweden  

college age female student smiling

The ALCI staff and instructors emphasize academic advising for students planning to attend a college or university in the U.S. 
--Hiro, Japan

 male student smiling
female student smiling

I had great time at the ALCI. I made friends from different countries,  learned about different cultures, and improved my  English.
--Jin Young, Korea

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ALCI offers an effective program to learn academic English quickly.  I am sure you will enjoy it! 
-- Emilie, France

 ALCI offers us a happy place to learn English where we get to meet students from all over the world. 
--Fen, China
 female student smiling  I attended ALCI classes for one year.  I had to speak English every day. I met students from all over the world, and it feels great when you can communicate with so many people.  -- Anabel, Mexico

 female student