Undergraduate Conditional Admission

Conditional admission is available to qualified students applying for graduate or undergraduate admission to California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). Conditional admission is a way for you to learn in advance if you qualify for admission to CSUSM.  Many students with conditional admission have transferred to CSUSM after completing the ALCI's Intensive Academic Preparation language program.

You must complete the English proficiency requirement before you can transfer to CSUSM. With conditional admission, you must enter the ALCI at the beginning of the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. Incomplete applications and applications missing official documents will not be processed. Check your application carefully. After CSUSM reviews your application, we will notify you about your application status. 

The application for Undergraduate Conditional Admission has two parts.

For the ALCI APPLICATION, you must submit:

*Use Application Checklist to make sure everything is complete.

  • A completed, signed ALCI Application Form.
  • A $300 Conditional Admission application fee (non-refundable) payable by credit card or check to "CSUSM." This includes the ALCI application and express mail fee. The express mail fee may be higher depending on your home country.
  • An original bank statement dated within the past six months, showing a minimum balance of $33,581.
  • A photocopy of your passport.
  • ALCI Tuition Fee made payable to “CSUSM” (refundable if you cannot receive a Visa) or a Financial Guarantee must be submitted (Sponsored or scholarship students, e.g., SACM, BAfoeG, CAPES/IIE, etc.).

For the CSUSM APPLICATION, you must submit:

  • A completed CSUSM International Student Application form.  This form MUST be submitted online through CSU Mentor.
  • A $55 CSUSM application fee payable by credit card online or by separate check to "CSUSM."
  • Official, sealed, unopened, original high school transcripts with certified English translation.
  • Official, sealed, unopened, original transcripts from each college or university you attended with certified English translation.
  • Official, sealed, unopened certificate of high school graduation or diploma with certified English translation.

Submit CSUSM application online.  Send the ALCI application, official transcripts, required documents, and fees to:
American Language & Culture Institute
California State University San Marcos
333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001