ANTH 325 Ancient Mexican Art and Society

In this course we examine art, cosmology, architecture, mythology, literature, social structure, religion, social roles, ideology, economic and political organization, world view, and the family of Ancient Mexican society.  The course covers the pre-classic, classic, and post-classic periods, focusing on several cultural areas including the Olmec, Teotihuacan, Monte Alban and the Zapotec and Mixtec of Oaxaca, the Toltecs, the Maya, and the Aztec, or Mexica peoples.  Among other topics of interest to the course are the calendar, writing, concepts of space and time, the ballgame, tribute, human sacrifice and bloodletting, sacred plants, and specific Mesoamerican deities. Students read the pre-hispanic manuscript, the Codex Nuttall.

Course Syllabus