API Student Organizations at CSUSM

President: Richard Cervantes, cerva023@cougars.csusm.edu
Advisor: Paul Tiglao,

The purpose of B.A.P.S. is to promote Asian/Pacific Islander awareness and ensure that the members of this organization will have instilled in them the fundamental virtues and personal strengths worthy of gentlemen, so as to be prepared for life. The goal of the group is to eventually be established as a fully recognized member of the CSUSM Greek community as a chapter of Alpha Psi Rho Fraternity.

Kamalayan Alliance
President: Eddi Abao, abao001@csusm.edu
Advisor: Fredi Avalos,    favalos@csusm.edu
Kamalayan Alliance promotes Filipino & Filipino-American culture, provides a space where those interested in Filipino & Filipino-American cultures can connect, and brings about awareness of issues within the Filipino community to the CSUSM community.

K.P.D.L. - Knowledge, Persevere, Diversity, Legacy

President: Hulya Poyrazoglu, hulypoy@yahoo.com
Advisor: Cathy Nguyen, cnguyen@csusm.edu

With Knowledge, we Persevere to maintain Diversity and create a Legacy.The purpose of K.P.D.L. is to build lifelong bonds of sisterhood by promoting common ideals such as academic excellence, community service and cultural awareness, ultimately establishing a sorority with an Asian Pacific Islander interest.

Vietnamese Student Association
Advisor: Cathy Nguyen, cnguyen@csusm.edu

Vietnamese Student Association promotes the Vietnamese culture through educating youths in cultural awareness, activism, and community service. Organizes projects to focus on leadership, cultural identity, and community issues that involve all of the individual members and member organizations at CSUSM.

Chinese Student Union
Advisor:  Zhiwei Xia,  zxiao@csusm.edu