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In the Gender Equity Center, we strive to create a safe, inclusive environment for all students to feel that they are part of a larger community. An extension of this belief is personified in our center’s magazine, The Feminist Agenda. It is a collection of student submitted works that represent a spectrum of identities and lived experiences. This publication seeks to offer a variety of perspectives on relevant issues to contemporary society. These include, but are not limited to, feminist and gender issues, parenting, social norms, etc. There is a strong emphasis on inclusivity and intersectionality in spite of current events. We want to pay homage to our predecessor magazine, The Rag, for setting the foundation that we could then build upon. Without the students of the Women’s Center before us, we would not be able to have this magazine now.

The theme for this year's issue of the Feminist Agenda is intersectionality, which recognizes the way that our identities intersect with each other to create our experiences. This is a platform for students to submit articles, poetry, artwork, and short stories.

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Spring 2018

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Spring 2017

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