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Student Learning Outcomes

B.S. Biotechnology Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a degree in Bachelor of  Science in Biotechnology will be able to

1. Apply fundamental knowledge of biology, biological processes and the scientific method to solve problems in biotechnology.

2. Understand, integrate and apply the concepts of biosciences into with a legal and ethical business perspective.

3. Communicate scientific concepts, strategies and opinions in written and oral  communications as individuals or team as members of a team.

4. Understand the business processes and structures of the biotechnology and life science industry.

Fall 2008 

Students who graduate with a Master of Biotechnology will be able to

1.  Apply concepts and principles of the sciences that are fundamental to the discipline of biotechnology.

2.  Understand procedural and operational uniqueness of the highly regulated, quality-oriented and demanding intellectual properly business of the life science industry.

3.  Be able to derive logical conclusions based upon acquired knowledge, available information and analytical procedures.

4.  Relate critical and managerial insight, skills and techniques for managing teams, budgets, projects and decisions in a business environment.

5.  Understand the fundamentals of communicating and working with others for success.

Spring 2010