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The Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree program provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of communication, its varied forms and uses, and its multiple social, cultural, and cognitive effects. Courses introduce students to the significance of communication within their own lives, showing its relevance to the complex relationships they enter into as participants in families, communities, and organizations; as representatives of one or more cultures; and as consumers of information distributed through mediated channels.

As the world becomes more complex, so do the forms of communication needed to interact. This is especially evident within contemporary institutions where gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and social class differences must be negotiated on an ongoing basis through everyday communication activities. The study of communication in everyday settings is essential for:

  • Judging whether communication processes are effectively meeting the needs of institutions and the people involved with them;
  • Analyzing systems of communication in order to identify areas for change;
  • Devising plans to improve communication practices and systems.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication teaches analytical, critical, and practical skills that will help students to understand and improve communication practices and systems in all types of social settings. Students learn to recognize and understand communication issues and systems in order to make decisions effectively, to solve problems.