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Student Learning Outcomes

Economics Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics will

 1. Access existing economic knowledge by

  • Locating economic data sources and relevant economic data
  • Retrieving information on particular topics and issues in economics
  • Locating published research in economics, and
  • Understanding the generation, construction and meaning of economic data

 2. Display command of and interpret existing economic knowledge by

  • Understanding and precisely explaining key economic concepts
  • Describing how economic concepts can be used
  • Evaluating how economic concepts are used in economic analyses published in the popular media (newspapers, internet sources, etc.)
  • Summarizing an economic argument (e.g. the principal ideas of an economist or an economic policy issue)

 3. Apply existing economic knowledge by

  • Formulating meaningful questions
  • Understanding and effectively employing relevant analytical and logical skills to solve problems
  • Obtaining insights into socioeconomic phenomena using economic reasoning
  • Reasoning systematically and understanding the use of models
  • Reasoning quantitatively
  • Communicating effectively

 4. Create new economic knowledge by

  • Formulating original questions
  • Proposing an effective approach to solving a question
  • Demonstrating familiarity with research methods intended to conduct original research

 5. Have developed lifelong learning skills by

  • Having developed a genuine curiosity about the world
  • Having developed an appreciation for using economic concepts, skills and ways of thinking to answer questions one has about the world
  • Seeing the world as a mystery that can be unraveled by the use of the economics perspective