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Student Learning Outcomes

Liberal Studies Student Learning Outcomes

The goals of the Liberal Studies Program are that of all our graduates

• Learn to engage in reasoned thinking.

• Maintain open, inquiring, and skeptical minds.

• Develop cultural sensitivity and tolerance for cultural differences.

• Acquire environmental awareness.

• Establish a foundation for understanding social issues.

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies will

1. Understand how knowledge can be connected across multiple disciplines;

2. Formulate their own goals for continued learning and inquiry based on a foundation of intellectual curiosity;

3. Understand and appreciate the positive value and essential role of diversity;

4. Think critically and creatively;

5. Write and speak clearly, coherently, and thoughtfully;

6. Read, understand, and evaluate all forms of text; and

7. Be familiar with technologies appropriate to the research and dissemination of knowledge.

Students in the BRS Option will

-Develop a theoretical understanding of borders and border communities;

-Identify key issues and apply appropriate conceptual and operational definitions in the study of border communities and regions; and

-Design and implement border research projects using appropriate methodologies.

Students in the ESM and ICP Options will

-Acquire a breadth of knowledge across the range of subjects included in these options: Reading, Language, and Literature, Mathematics; Natural Sciences; History and Social Sciences; Visual and Performing Arts; Human Development; and Physical Education; and

-Demonstrate greater depth of knowledge in their selected Depth of Study.