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Student Learning Outcomes

M.A. Literature and Writing Studies Student Learning Outcomes

Graduate students in the Department of Literature and Writing Studies (LTWR) develop theoretical knowledge and practice critical reading and writing in the field. The program has been designed so that graduates should be able to:

  1. Closely analyze texts at an advanced level, using a range of critical and theoretical approaches.
  2. Interrogate theoretically the historical, political, and social conditions of texts from local and global literary traditions, with attention to the formation of canons and counter-canons.
  3. Proficiently read and interpret texts in at least one language other than one's native language.
  4. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of and ability to engage in the theories and practices that inform the fields of literature, composition pedagogy, and creative writing.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of professional practices such as disseminating scholarship/creative activities through conferences and publications.
  6. Write a theoretically informed critical or creative writing thesis that enriches the field of literature and/or writing studies.