The purpose of the nursing profession is to help patients/clients achieve health goals. Nurses provide health care for individuals, families and communities by performing supportive, preventive, therapeutic, and restorative interventions. Nurses are employed in institutional and community-based health care settings. They can provide health related interventions through independent action or as a collaborating member of a health care team.

The Nursing program at CSUSM places strong emphasis on delivering skillful, culturally sensitive nursing care. Each student will be proficient in a language-other than- English and be aware of culturally driven health care practices. Students will be able to provide nursing care to diverse individuals and communities. Students take advantage of clinical experiences in a variety of acute care and community settings, and are able to provide nursing case management interventions for a variety of vulnerable populations.

The Nursing Program at Cal State San Marcos prepares students for multiple career tracks within the profession. Students who complete the undergraduate program will have knowledge and skills for general nursing practice, will be well prepared for entry into graduate level nursing programs, and will be qualified to
assume leadership roles in health care organizations, clinics, and community agencies.

The baccalaureate degree program is designed for three groups of students with different options. Students who have had no previous nursing education follow the generic or basic program/option. Students who have completed an undergraduate degree in another discipline but who wish a second degree in Nursing complete the accelerated entry level baccalaureate (ELB) option. Students who have completed an associate degree program in nursing (ADN) at a community college and seek completion of their baccalaureate degree follow the RN-to-BSN option. The generic program is a full-time program designed to be completed in four years (including the three intervening summers). The RN-to-BSN program is also a full-time program and is designed to be completed in three years (including three summers).