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Student Learning Outcomes

M.A. Psychology Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a Master of Arts in Psychology will have

1.Acquired knowledge in a broad range of psychological topics through work in proseminars.

2.Acquired content knowledge in specific areas of psychology in order to synthesize primary literature for thesis research.

3.Broadened their knowledge in disciplines that are related to, or supportive of, thesis research.

4.Developed a feasible research proposal.

5.Demonstrated an ability to conduct independent research.

6.Applied the scientific method to the design and implementation of a formal thesis research project.

7.Analyzed experimental or correlational data by the application of quantitative and qualitative methods as appropriate.

8.Demonstrated knowledge of, and adherence to, the standards of ethical treatment of humans and animals as outlined by the APA and the Guide for Care and Unse of Laboratory Animals.

9.Presented scientific content in graduate seminars and lectures, at a level commensurate with standards of academic discourse.

10.Organized and written the results of original research consistent with standards in primary, peer-reviewed psychological literature.

11.Presented and defended their thesis in a clear and thoughtful manner.

12.Been able to respond appropriately to questions about, and criticisms of, their research designs.