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Calendar of Reviews

AY 2011-2012 through AY 2017-2018

Department/Program Year One of
Academic Review Cycle
College of Business Administration
Business Administration B.S. AY 2015-2016
Business Administration M.B.A AY 2015-2016
College of Education, Health and Human Services
Education M.A. AY 2012-2013
Educational Leadership Ed.D. AY 2012-2013
Human Development B.A. AY 2014-2015
Kinesiology B.S. AY 2013-2014
Nursing B.S. AY 2017-2018
Nursing M.S. AY 2013-2014
College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Anthropology B.A. AY 2012-2013
Communication B.A. AY 2015-2016
Criminology and Justice Studies B.A. AY 2019-2020
Economics B.A. AY 2013-2014
Environmental Studies B.A. AY 2017-2018
Global Studies B.A. AY 2014-2015
History B.A. AY 2016-2017
History M.A. AY 2016-2017
Liberal Studies B.A. AY 2016-2017
Literature and Writing Studies B.A. AY 2017-2018
Literature and Writing Studies M.A. AY 2015-2016
Mass Media B.A. AY 2013-2014
Political Science B.A. AY 2016-2017
Psychology B.A. AY 2014-2015
Psychology M.A. AY 2014-2015
Social Sciences B.A. AY 2016-2017
Sociological Practice M.A. AY 2012-2013
Sociology B.A. AY 2019-2020
Spanish B.A.
AY 2013-2014
Spanish M.A. AY 2013-2014
Special Major B.A. AY 2013-2014
Visual and Performing Arts B.A. AY 2014-2015
Women's Studies B.A. AY 2016-2017
College of Science and Mathematics
Applied Physics B.S. AY 2013-2014
Biochemistry B.S. AY 2012-2013
Biological Sciences B.S. AY 2016-2017
Biological Sciences M.S. AY 2016-2017
Biotechnology B.S. AY 2012-2013
Biotechnology MBt AY 2012-2013
Chemistry B.S. AY 2012-2013
Computer Science and Computer Information Systems B.S.
AY 2016-2017
Computer Science M.S. AY 2016-2017
Mathematics B.S. AY 2014-2015
Mathematics M.S. AY 2014-2015