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Computer Science

Computer Science and Information Systems Department

Students completing the Computer Science Option will be able to

  1. Analyze the effects of different choices of algorithms and data structures.

  2. Choose the right language or hardware system for the task at hand.

  3. Design, implement and test software to meet specific requirements.

  4. Document software to facilitate software maintenance activities.

  5. Develop documentation to meet client needs.

  6. Independently acquire new computer-related skills

 Students completing the Computer Information Systems Option will be able to

  1.  Identify/integrate/apply knowledge to design and build a system of reasonable complexity that solves a loosely specified business problem.

  2.  Demonstrate effective oral and written communications.

  3. Write technical documents like specifications, design and user manuals in appropriate formats.

  4. Apply necessary principles and practices of computing and business to complete projects and perform services to meet business objectives.

  5.  Demonstrate self-management and team management.

  6. Cope with changes in computer systems and business environment.

Students who graduate with a Master of Science in Computer Science will be able to

  1. Analyze the architectures of various communication protocols and emerging technologies in local and wide area networks.

  2. Design, implement and test software based on the object-oriented paradigm to meet specific requirements.

  3. Understand theoretical foundations and how to apply them.

  4. Evaluate and compare different algorithms for completing a given task.

  5. Conduct independent research in a specific topic in Computer Science.

  6. Develop a project, present and discuss the results obtained, and document the project.

  7. Independently acquire new computer-related skills based on previous knowledge.

Fall 2008