Prerequisites and Application

Freshman applicants must complete a comprehensive pattern of college preparatory study totaling 15 units with a grade of C or better. Transfer students entering at the junior and senior level will be expected to have completed the equivalent of lower-division requirements elsewhere, including two semesters of biology, four semesters of chemistry, two semesters of physics, one semester of college-level calculus, and one semester of statistics.

Continuation Expectations

All courses taken for the major, including supporting courses, must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better. A minimum of eighteen (18) units in biotechnology must be completed at CSUSM.

Degree Requirements -- Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

Total Required....................................120
General Education*................................51
Preparation for the Major*......................35
Requirements for the Major**.................49

*Nine (9) lower-division GE units in Area B (Math and Science) are automatically satisfied by combinations of CHEM 150, MATH 160, and BIOL 211 when taken in preparation for the major. Three (3) lower-division GE units in Area D (Social Sciences) are automatically satisfied by either PSYC 100 or SOC 101, which are also required as preparation for the major. Three (3) upper-division GE units in Area CC (Arts and/or Humanities) are satisfied by students taking either PHIL 315, PHIL 340 or PHIL 345 as preparation for the major when taken no earlier than the term in which the student attains upper division status by completing 60 semester units.

**All Biotechnology Majors are "required" to attend a series of four (4) seminars during their enrollment period at CSUSM before graduation. The Seminar series focuses on Quality Control/Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Testing/Animal Care and Scale-up Procedures delivered by industry or topic experts. Most seminar requirements will be met in certain courses such as Foundations of Biotechnology (BIOL 357) and Cellular Biotechnology (BIOL 356).

Biotechnology Majors are permitted to earn the Minor in Biology. Biotech Majors also pursuing the Minor in Biology may use either Genetics (BIOL 352) or Comparative Animal Physiology (BIOL 353), but not both, to fulfill part of the 5 elective units required for the Biotechnology degree requirement. These students must also take 12 additional units in Biology, exclusive of coursework applied to the Major in order to earn the Minor. Departmental advisors will provide information on recommended additional coursework.