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  • RARE ScienceOur Cohort 8 Bridges Interns worked directly with patient families. The interns had the opportunity to directly interface with patients and hear their needs, at the same, were able to educate the patients on current developments in stem cell research. Two of our Cohort 8 interns were featured in the June, 2017 CIRM Blog. 
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Alumni Updates

As of June, 2017, CSUSM has trained 88 interns. Of those 88 interns, 83 of them successfully completed the entire 12-month internship over the course of the last eight years. There are 45 students that found full-time employment at a biotech company or academic research lab, as a result of their stem cell internship training; 12 students are in graduate programs (M.D., Ph.D. or M.S.); seven students are finishing up their undergraduate degrees. Finally, five of our previous interns have found full-time employment not working directly in stem cell research.