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Campus Connect is not a professional development program, rather it aims to enhance a positive campus climate by achieving the following objectives:

  • Increase awareness of job functions across divisions and departments to highlight the interdependent nature of everyone’s work
  • Instill a deeper understanding of the “university first” culture
  • Develop an appreciation for the complexity of the institution
  • Create a cadre of “ambassadors” who will share insights, clarify misconceptions and communicate information about how the university works

 Successful candidates will:

  • Show they are an employee in good-standing at CSUSM
  • Share their motivation for wanting to participate in the program
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the “university first” principle (that which is best for the university as a whole takes precedent)
  • Describe what it means to be an ambassador and any experience serving in such a capacity
The schedule for Campus Connect 2014-2015:
  • Orientation -  August 19th
  • September 12th
  • October 3rd
  • November 7th
  • December 5th
  • January 16th
  • February 6th
  • March 6th
  • April 10th
  • Graduation- May 1st

The application process for Campus Connect Class of 2015 has closed. Applications for Campus Connect Class of 2016 will open April 2015.