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About Cindy

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Cindy Harper
Outreach & Technology Coordinator

My role at CSU San Marcos

Fortunately, I play a dual role here at CSUSM. In the Career Center, I am the Outreach & Technology Coordinator making sure our services/resources are available to and utilized by our students and alumni. Every semester I teach and facilitate the career module of GEL 101 to our incoming freshmen. I am also an Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Spanish majors.

My career path

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Writing Studies. It was an educational journey of many majors, and along the way, higher education found its way into my core permanently.

The rewards in doing what I do

There is nothing better than witnessing a student attain their educational and/or career goals. To be a part--even a small part--of that journey from beginning to end makes every day a joy!

My words of wisdom to students

Do it all! Live it all! Find your passion and make it happen, because life is too short.

In my free time

I enjoy amusement parks, books, music, naps, and coffee! People make me happy, so I surround myself with their energy as much as possible.