Where can I purchase a copy of the catalog?

Beginning with the 2010–2012 edition, the catalog is now offered on CD. A print version is no longer available. The catalog can be purchased from the University Bookstore located in the Commons Courtyard near Craven Hall. You can also shop online at www.csusmbookstore.com.

The cost of the 2010–2012 catalog is $14.95.

The 2008–2010 catalog and addenda are still available online only. Please view our catalog archive page for a complete list of all 2008–2010 catalog PDFs, as well as older catalog editions.

Does content in the catalog change?

Yes. Important catalog content does sometimes change after original distribution, thus requiring modifications and enhancements. These changes are typically addressed through the production of Catalog Addenda. Time-sensitive information that cannot wait for the next addendum to be printed is posted alongside the online digital version of the catalog. Please view the Catalog Updates & Policies page for more information.