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Diversity Working Group

CHABSS Diversity Working Group

What is the CHABSS Diversity Working Group (CDWG)?

The CDWG institutionalizes the Engaging Diverse Dialogues Initiative’s wonderfully successful work over the past two years. The Working Group will consist of four faculty members and one staff member; once seated, these five members will select a member to serve as Director and also identify a process for seating two student representatives to the Working Group,. Serving on the Working Group will count as service for the college for tenure-track and tenured faculty; staff and lecturer faculty will receive annual stipends; the Working Group Director will receive one course release each year.

Pursuing the CHABSS Strategic Goals and in close coordination with university diversity efforts, the CDWG will promote diversity in the classroom, in the curriculum, in hiring and retention of faculty and staff, and in our college community. The CHABSS Diversity Working Group will develop a college response to the Diversity Mapping Report’s projections of needed next steps, develop and promote strategies to hire and retain diverse faculty, staff, and administrators, work to strengthen existing collaborations across the CSUSM campus, and sustain the EDDI “brand” with the planning of a signature Engaging Diverse Dialogues Initiative event in the spring semester. 

Members of the CDWG AY 17-18

Monique Barthes
(Student Rep.)
Major: Communication

Rebecca Lush
Literature & Writing Studies

Dreama Moon (Chair)

Gloria Pindi

Andrew Spieldenner

Anna Woodcock
(Lecturer Rep.)