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Global Commitment

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The College is committed to encouraging curriculum development and activities that promote global awareness, underrepresented languages, multicultural understanding, and global citizenship. To put this ideal into practice, members of the Faculty-Staff Strategic Plan Implementation Workgroup launched the Global Commitment Initiative, a year-long program designed to educate and engage the College, campus, and the broader community in a discussion about global issues, trends, and events.

The GCI will include:

  • A mix of educational opportunities, including speakers, films, and visual performing arts events.
  • Social interactions that bring our diverse campus populations together to share experiences and insights.
  • Actions such as studying, teaching, or working abroad, developing more globally intelligent syllabi, or other social justice-oriented actions.
  • Community outreach activities.

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GCI Working Group AY 17-18
Angela Baggett

Dino Bozonelos

Cynthia Melendrez
Darlene Pina, Chair
Elizabeth Ridder
Cecilia Uy-Tioco
Gabriel Valle


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