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Global Commitment Initiative

The Global Commitment Initiative is committed to encouraging curriculum development and activities that promote global awareness, underrepresented languages, multicultural understanding, and global citizenship.

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Career Readiness Initiative

The goal of the Career Readiness Initiative is to significantly increase the career readiness of the graduates of the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences.

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Study Abroad Opportunities

The opportunity to study in another country for a summer, semester, an academic year, or over winter intersession is open to all CSU San Marcos students through a wide range of programs. Learn more about the exciting study abroad programs led by CHABSS faculty.

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CHABSS Diversity Working Group

CDWG will promote diversity in the classroom, in the curriculum, in hiring and retention of faculty and staff, and in our college community. 

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Video in the Community

Video in the Community is a course that connects students with nonprofits to identify critical social problems and produce high-quality videos that bring about social awareness and change.

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