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Cal State San Marcos Student Wins Postcard Competition
Jamie Whiffen, a visual arts student at California State University San Marcos, has won the "Leave Your Stamp" postcard competition sponsored by Balboa Park Celebration Inc. 

Social Sciences Taking Hits: Federal funding cuts awaken academia to explain relevancy
Dean Adam Shapiro states that the current political controversy about the social sciences goes to the need to make sure academia prepares students for the workplace...

Liberal Studies student wins CSU Trustees' Award 
Emily Snow a current Liberal Studies students win the CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement. [Read more about Emily Snow's Achievement]

Is the US Political System Dysfunctional? Yes says Professor
Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Stephen W. Nichols will lead a public discussion on what he terms as "Broken Government."

Two CSUSM educators hope for healing on canvas
Colleen Moss (Lecturer, Psychology) and Marilyn Huerta (Arts & Lectures Coordinator) discuss healing through painting.

Applying lessons from 9/11 to Syria (Video)
History Assistant Professor Ibrahim Al-Marashi disccussed Syria and President Barack Obama's speech on KPBS's Evening Edition. 

Subscription Farms (Video)
Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies Greig Tor Guthey talked about subscription farming on UT-TV's Roger Hedgecock Show.

Cal State San Marcos Student Leader a Role Model for Fellow Foster Youth
As student body president at Cal State San Marcos, Matt Walsh counsels his fellow students to get involved, work hard and navigate the road blocks to success. 

Subscription Farm Could Take Root in San Marcos
Greig Tor Guthey, a Cal State San Marcos public policy professor who recently co-authored a book on locally grown food, said San Marcos has the right idea.

Wounded Artist Finds Healing in Hearts
Eight months after her husband died on Sept. 11, 2008, Colleen Moss picked up a paintbrush. The Cal State San Marcos psychology professor, who had written her master’s thesis on art therapy, need an outlet to express the emotions she couldn’t put into words.