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Spring 2015 Dean's List

The Office of the Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences congratulates the following students for their academic accomplishment during the spring 2015 semester.

Jhovanny Andrade, Anthropology

David Browne, Anthropology

Tobias Feuer, Anthropology

Juan Galvez, Anthropology

Silvia Lopez, Anthropology

Gabriella Lucidi, Anthropology

Branden McClintock, Anthropology

Cassiel Mihok, Anthropology

Lindsay Nelms, Anthropology

Joseph Otero, Anthropology

Alec Sonnier, Anthropology

Devin Sparks, Anthropology

Hala Yakzan, Anthropology

Kayla Allard, Anthropology

Beatriz Ayala, Anthropology

Christopher Bloom, Anthropology

Deanna Doering, Anthropology

Alex Esquivel, Anthropology

Frida Garcia, Anthropology

Jason Gerdes, Anthropology

Amanda Gordo, Anthropology

Karen Hernandez, Anthropology

Filiberto Lopez, Anthropology

Erica Offner, Anthropology

Leslie Pena, Anthropology

Nicholas Scoggins, Anthropology

Chava Sevigne, Anthropology

Taylor Spurrier, Anthropology

Owranoos Suljuki, Anthropology

Samuel Taylor, Anthropology

Shannon VanSon, Anthropology

Jessica Vazquez, Anthropology

Christopher Allen, Visual & Performing Arts

Nathan Anderson, Visual & Performing Arts

Allison Ball, Visual & Performing Arts

Alan Brown, Visual & Performing Arts

Joshua Byrd, Visual & Performing Arts

Tenessa Cavitt, Visual & Performing Arts

Amanda Davis, Visual & Performing Arts

Luke DePauw, Visual & Performing Arts

Romel Delossantos, Visual & Performing Arts

Melissa Flores, Visual & Performing Arts

Ivonne Franco, Visual & Performing Arts

Marcel Fuentes, Visual & Performing Arts

Karley Garza, Visual & Performing Arts

Adriana Gudino, Visual & Performing Arts

Shelbie Hahn, Visual & Performing Arts

Abraham Hernandez, Visual & Performing Arts

Mario Im, Visual & Performing Arts

Angelica Jacobo, Visual & Performing Arts

Iris Lee, Visual & Performing Arts

Mikaela Long, Visual & Performing Arts

Kimberly Lopez, Visual & Performing Arts

Mitchell Narte, Visual & Performing Arts

Jovan Oreegal, Visual & Performing Arts

Maria Ortiz Salas, Visual & Performing Arts

Ana Rivera, Visual & Performing Arts

Casey Robinson, Visual & Performing Arts

Victor Sandoval, Visual & Performing Arts

Jonathan Sharp, Visual & Performing Arts

Jordan Smalley, Visual & Performing Arts

Micheyl Steinway, Visual & Performing Arts

Kaylee Toole, Visual & Performing Arts

Sandra Wall, Visual & Performing Arts

Garrett Wash, Visual & Performing Arts

Cynthia Wine, Visual & Performing Arts

Kendrik Yap, Visual & Performing Arts

Eric Yoon, Visual & Performing Arts

Andres Arciniega, Visual & Performing Arts

Amairany Avendano, Visual & Performing Arts

Danny Bakdache, Visual & Performing Arts

Veronique Fisher, Visual & Performing Arts

Heidi Garcia, Visual & Performing Arts

Quintin Lawson, Visual & Performing Arts

Gamaliel Lopez Cervera, Visual & Performing Arts

Bryan Menancio, Visual & Performing Arts

Grady Mitchell, Visual & Performing Arts

Dwight Moss, Visual & Performing Arts

Robert Mueller, Visual & Performing Arts

Javier Munoz Jr, Visual & Performing Arts

Dominique Duren, Visual & Performing Arts

Nicole Hernandez, Visual & Performing Arts

Erica Rothman, Visual & Performing Arts

Saul Cigarroa, Visual & Performing Arts

Teresa Fox, Visual & Performing Arts

Alana Julian, Visual & Performing Arts

Jaehee Kim, Visual & Performing Arts

Colby May, Visual & Performing Arts

Emily McGowan, Visual & Performing Arts

Takeya Ohno, Visual & Performing Arts

Faith Orcino, Visual & Performing Arts

Jaclyn Perez, Visual & Performing Arts

Brooke Petrek, Visual & Performing Arts

Victoria Richmond, Visual & Performing Arts

Erick Rosales, Visual & Performing Arts

Jerry Slough, Visual & Performing Arts

Amalia Wood, Visual & Performing Arts

Liying Xiong, Visual & Performing Arts

Amanda Corsi, Visual & Performing Arts

Kevin Dang, Visual & Performing Arts

Hunter Gibbs, Visual & Performing Arts

Lucero Martinez, Visual & Performing Arts

Isabel Mattox, Visual & Performing Arts

Taylor Tickner, Visual & Performing Arts

Dylan Yesenofski, Visual & Performing Arts

Edith Jimenez, Child & Adolescent Developmnt

Ashley Lane, Child & Adolescent Developmnt

Amiel Maldonado Cordova, Child & Adolescent Developmnt

Unique Pruitt, Child & Adolescent Developmnt

Karely Ramirez, Child & Adolescent Developmnt

Rebecca Varvel, Child & Adolescent Developmnt

Maritza Villicana, Child & Adolescent Developmnt

Susanne Aagaard, Communication

Kira Adamo, Communication

Alydia Aguila, Communication

Amy Alber, Communication

Marisa Alfaro, Communication

Alhijaz Althagafi, Communication

Katelyn Andersen, Communication

Salina Arredondo, Communication

Samantha Arrington, Communication

Rema Assria, Communication

Samantha Aviotti, Communication

Brenda Barniga, Communication

Olivia Bishar, Communication

Jennifer Bishop, Communication

Courtnie Bonett, Communication

Sommer Burbank, Communication

Lauren Burke, Communication

Emily Cannon, Communication

Lauren Castro, Communication

Sydney Centell, Communication

Karissa Chapman, Communication

Noelle Conrad, Communication

Bernardo Cruz, Communication

Marissa Daley, Communication

Khadija Darugar, Communication

Conor Davis, Communication

Cassidy De Vito, Communication

Bryce Dollarhide, Communication

Adam Eakles, Communication

Jordan Eggert, Communication

Kathryn Eldridge, Communication

April Emerson, Communication

Kendall Fisher, Communication

Jessica Fleisher, Communication

Kelli Flodman-Brander, Communication

Kelly Ford, Communication

Julia Forster, Communication

Alen Garcia, Communication

Forrest Grawin, Communication

Danielle Guevarra, Communication

Helena Gulbrandsen, Communication

Tanya Hancock, Communication

Elexus Harris, Communication

Hayley Helms, Communication

Antonette Herndon, Communication

Brianna Higgins, Communication

Matthew Hintz, Communication

Savanna Hoehn, Communication

Benjamin Hogan, Communication

Ingrid Holmeide, Communication

Shelby Kennick, Communication

Sidney Knudsen, Communication

Cary Ladd, Communication

Caitlin Lancon, Communication

Valerie Law, Communication

Ashley Lewis, Communication

Tess Magin, Communication

Jordan Marchante, Communication

Raquel Marquez, Communication

Stephanie Martin, Communication

Caitlyn Martinelli, Communication

Stephanie Marty, Communication

Christine May, Communication

Ryan McKoy, Communication

Robina Mekenye, Communication

Kimberly Merica, Communication

Richelle Mireles, Communication

William Norman, Communication

Vilde Elvine Schie Nyseth, Communication

Ashley Odom, Communication

Yasmin Olivarez Padilla, Communication

Katherine Orphey, Communication

Harmony Owen, Communication

Perry Palleja, Communication

Anthony Peden, Communication

Jocelyn Pereira, Communication

Amber Plourde, Communication

Kristine Pope, Communication

Shanda Poulson, Communication

Sarah Rasmussen, Communication

Joshua Ray, Communication

Mary Reinig, Communication

Liliana Rivas, Communication

Larsen Romo, Communication

Courtney Rotondo, Communication

Kerilyn Rudden, Communication

Marlene Schjoelberg, Communication

Kelsey Schwarz, Communication

Dustin Scibilia, Communication

Michelle Seymour, Communication

Briana Simpson, Communication

Nicole Snell, Communication

Maria Sosa, Communication

Delphine Stegman, Communication

Brandon Stevens, Communication

Charlotte Stewart, Communication

Stephanie Strand, Communication

Alana Stroud, Communication

Kylie Swift, Communication

Rebecca Sykes, Communication

Alec Torres, Communication

Jake Trybulski, Communication

Maria Valencia Torres, Communication

Lynana Vizcarra, Communication

Suzanne Ward, Communication

Stephanie Williams, Communication

Kimberlee Zolghadri, Communication

Skylar Abbott, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kariar Al-naiem, Criminology & Justice Studies

Gerardo Alvarez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Juan Andrade, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jazmin Arce, Criminology & Justice Studies

Tanya Armenta, Criminology & Justice Studies

Daisy Avila, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jennifer Avila-Ayon, Criminology & Justice Studies

Dioselyn Ayala -Moreno, Criminology & Justice Studies

Tyler Barlow, Criminology & Justice Studies

Dustin Barnes, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christopher Barragan, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kimberly Bayardo, Criminology & Justice Studies

Samantha Beason, Criminology & Justice Studies

Fabiola Beltran, Criminology & Justice Studies

Dulce Benitez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kaitlin Benner, Criminology & Justice Studies

Carlos Bernal, Criminology & Justice Studies

Matthew Boudreaux, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ashleigh Bridges, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jake Brown, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christopher Burrows, Criminology & Justice Studies

Carlos Bustos, Criminology & Justice Studies

Baylee Cain, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jennifer Carroll, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jack Chilton, Criminology & Justice Studies

Alejandro Contreras, Criminology & Justice Studies

Tristan Corson, Criminology & Justice Studies

Eric Cruz, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kristin Cruz, Criminology & Justice Studies

Natalie Cruz, Criminology & Justice Studies

Elizabeth Curtis, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kristen Darling-Romain, Criminology & Justice Studies

Stephanie De Haro, Criminology & Justice Studies

Liciana Del Castillo, Criminology & Justice Studies

Giovanni Dimas, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ulysses Dinero, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christopher Diosdado, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ryan Dorsett, Criminology & Justice Studies

Adriana Echeverria, Criminology & Justice Studies

Andrea Emery, Criminology & Justice Studies

Isaias Escamilla, Criminology & Justice Studies

Linda Escobar, Criminology & Justice Studies

Celeste Espindola, Criminology & Justice Studies

Victoria Estrada, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jacqueline Farnsworth, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nolan Flores, Criminology & Justice Studies

Connor Flynn, Criminology & Justice Studies

Theodore Gallagher, Criminology & Justice Studies

Stephanie Garcia, Criminology & Justice Studies

Giovanni Garcia, Criminology & Justice Studies

Tess Garnica, Criminology & Justice Studies

Clarissa Gill, Criminology & Justice Studies

Emiliano Gomez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Vanessa Gonzalez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jose Gutierrez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Alejandia Guzman, Criminology & Justice Studies

Derek Harlan, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jessica Harrison, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nalleli Heredia, Criminology & Justice Studies

Sara Hernandez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nathan Holland, Criminology & Justice Studies

John Hull, Criminology & Justice Studies

Summer Jackson, Criminology & Justice Studies

Elizabeth Jaimez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Diana Jasso, Criminology & Justice Studies

Tammy Jefferson, Criminology & Justice Studies

Rachael Jennings, Criminology & Justice Studies

Maricruz Jimenez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Rebecca Jimenez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kristina Johnson, Criminology & Justice Studies

Matthew Jonte, Criminology & Justice Studies

Larissa Juarez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Allen Jumanan, Criminology & Justice Studies

Lauren Kalogeris, Criminology & Justice Studies

Josh Kennington, Criminology & Justice Studies

Riley Kumamoto, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jeana Kurashima, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ashlee La Chance, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jourdan Lamoureux, Criminology & Justice Studies

Vanessa Landa, Criminology & Justice Studies

Anna Light, Criminology & Justice Studies

Maria Loera Loera, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jessica Lopez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Angel Lucas Esquivel, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jeffrey Luerman, Criminology & Justice Studies

Madyson Mann, Criminology & Justice Studies

Evelyn Martinez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ratsamy May, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ryan McGlone, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nathan McKemy, Criminology & Justice Studies

Lenor McLaughlin, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kassandra Melendrez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Adolfo Melgoza, Criminology & Justice Studies

Nadia Mira, Criminology & Justice Studies

Sandra Miranda, Criminology & Justice Studies

Desiree Miranda, Criminology & Justice Studies

Erik Molina, Criminology & Justice Studies

Brenda Molina, Criminology & Justice Studies

Melisa Mondragon, Criminology & Justice Studies

DIllon Monell, Criminology & Justice Studies

Randy Montero, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jacqueline Moore- Deslauriers, Criminology & Justice Studies

Myra Morales, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christopher Morales, Criminology & Justice Studies

Saul Morales, Criminology & Justice Studies

Rylee Nazareno, Criminology & Justice Studies

Victoria Nguyen, Criminology & Justice Studies

Joshua Nidzieko, Criminology & Justice Studies

Paul Oh, Criminology & Justice Studies

Tate Oligney, Criminology & Justice Studies

Alexandro Ornelas, Criminology & Justice Studies

Leslie Ortiz, Criminology & Justice Studies

Sarah Osborne, Criminology & Justice Studies

Maya Osorio, Criminology & Justice Studies

Natalie Pacitti, Criminology & Justice Studies

Luis Pamatz, Criminology & Justice Studies

Eliden Pastrana Morales, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jeffrey Pedersen, Criminology & Justice Studies

Mario Perez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Aide Perez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Carlos Perez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Taylor Persitza, Criminology & Justice Studies

Tyson Phu, Criminology & Justice Studies

Michael Quilo, Criminology & Justice Studies

Victor Ramirez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jasmine Ramirez Bolanos, Criminology & Justice Studies

Yuridia Ramos, Criminology & Justice Studies

Savannah Reid, Criminology & Justice Studies

Enrique Rivera, Criminology & Justice Studies

Omar Rivera, Criminology & Justice Studies

Clarisa Robles, Criminology & Justice Studies

Marisa Rogers, Criminology & Justice Studies

Justine Ronas, Criminology & Justice Studies

Lisa Saffo-Najmi, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ustena Said, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ivan Sanchez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christian Sanchez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Noelle Sanchez, Criminology & Justice Studies

Alex Sanders, Criminology & Justice Studies

Cynthia Sandoval, Criminology & Justice Studies

Maria Sandoval, Criminology & Justice Studies

Melisa Santiago, Criminology & Justice Studies

Francisco Sarmiento, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jaime Sarmiento, Criminology & Justice Studies

Wraymond Sawyerr, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christian Schwerer, Criminology & Justice Studies

Karina Silva Lopez, Criminology & Justice Studies

David Skotte, Criminology & Justice Studies

Gerardo Soto, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ryan Thamann, Criminology & Justice Studies

Anthony Tran, Criminology & Justice Studies

Brenda Trejo, Criminology & Justice Studies

Angelica Upham, Criminology & Justice Studies

Silvano Vaca, Criminology & Justice Studies

Ismael Valencia, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kenneth Vanderveen, Criminology & Justice Studies

Sandy Vargas, Criminology & Justice Studies

Jennifer Velasco, Criminology & Justice Studies

Gabriella Velasco, Criminology & Justice Studies

Lauren Wilkes, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kelly Wilson, Criminology & Justice Studies

Alexia Wilson, Criminology & Justice Studies

Emily Wing, Criminology & Justice Studies

Amy Wise, Criminology & Justice Studies

Anne Wolanyk, Criminology & Justice Studies

Christopher Barrett, Economics

Collin Bogie, Economics

Joseph Brown, Economics

Dan Cheng, Economics

Nicolas Dmitriev, Economics

Eliel Flores, Economics

Maryah Garner, Economics

Austin Grajek, Economics

Aaron Herrscher, Economics

Mert Kocyigit, Economics

Justin Leonard, Economics

Jason Lin, Economics

Timothy Llacuna, Economics

Brandon Luong, Economics

Eric Macias, Economics

Kyle Marre, Economics

Matthew McCleskey, Economics

Nicholas Montalbano, Economics

Michael Moss, Economics

DawnMarie Myers, Economics

Nareg Shakarian, Economics

Nathaniel Sickmann, Economics

Jeremiah Stevenson, Economics

Kristina Vo, Economics

Shaida Alarcon Sheahan, Environmental Studies

Diana Bautista, Environmental Studies

Rocio Fuentes, Environmental Studies

Joelle Miller, Environmental Studies

Ernesto Perez Jr, Environmental Studies

Max Roseman, Environmental Studies

Giuliana Shute, Environmental Studies

Sanam Abedini, Global Studies

Yana Chesskaya, Global Studies

Sierra Dwyer-Voss, Global Studies

Karrah Ehle, Global Studies

Izumi Furusawa, Global Studies

Hannah Koppers, Global Studies

Miranda Kuehn, Global Studies

Kaylin Marino, Global Studies

Karen Amethyst Mascarinas, Global Studies

Farhonda Mohamad Musa, Global Studies

Nicklaus Nusbeitel, Global Studies

Andrew Prendiville, Global Studies

Carla Prieto Gonzalez, Global Studies

Gabriela Sanchez, Global Studies

Shaquelle Smith, Global Studies

Julian Soto, Global Studies

Megan Spaulding, Global Studies

Jordan Waldron, Global Studies

Julia Friedman, History

Anne Apffel, History

Katherine Carlson, History

Lucio Guerrero, History

Richard Kaiser, History

Jonathan Lopez, History

Alexandra Peterson, History

Wesley Roach, History

Taylor Schuman, History

Edwarda Adamo, History

Kyley Atkins, History

Hayden Bachman, History

Aaron Bain, History

Pierce Brenner, History

Jarred Burr, History

Gabriel Camacho, History

Ariana Chavez, History

Matthew Checchia, History

Wayne Cox, History

Cody Crews, History

Cassandra Freyre, History

Bruce Gabbard, History

Mykel Giannakakos, History

Brianna Gustafson, History

Henry Hall, History

Rachel Hallendy, History

Brandon Haylings, History

David Howes, History

Marianne Hughes, History

Collin Hyslop, History

Javier Jara, History

Michael Kenney, History

Robert Lynch, History

Will McCurdy, History

Joy Miller, History

Fawad Mohamad, History

Joseph Munson, History

Raymundo Murrieta, History

Megan Neal, History

Amanda Nelson, History

Sarah Nielsen, History

Christopher Norby, History

Kailey Nygaard, History

Kellie Oxee, History

Adam Purvis, History

Emilee Ramirez, History

Diego Ramirez, History

Julianne Rodriguez, History

Cody Sanders, History

Ricardo Scheller, History

Walter Schnapp, History

Roberto Sebastian, History

Nickolas Sherman, History

Zachary Smyers, History

Virginia Sorrell Mulroy, History

Madison Teater, History

Shad Thielman, History

Colton Victor, History

John Weirather, History

Kelly Wyrick, History

Gretta Ziminsky, History

Chantell Adams, Liberal Studies

Emily Adler, Liberal Studies

BraeLyn Aguilar, Liberal Studies

Steve Aldridge, Liberal Studies

Stacey Azlin, Liberal Studies

Taryon Balona, Liberal Studies

Hollie Banuelos, Liberal Studies

Denise Barba, Liberal Studies

Jenna Barnes, Liberal Studies

Kelsey Barritt, Liberal Studies

Kristin Bellers, Liberal Studies

Kate Brantly, Liberal Studies

Claire Brown, Liberal Studies

Esperanza Bustos, Liberal Studies

Ashley Castoe, Liberal Studies

Kaitlyn Chermak, Liberal Studies

Sarah Christensen, Liberal Studies

Michelle Claudio, Liberal Studies

Lauren Cortez, Liberal Studies

Racqel Cortez, Liberal Studies

Crystal Cummings, Liberal Studies

Corina DeKalb, Liberal Studies

Natasha Dewindt, Liberal Studies

Kamarae Dobson, Liberal Studies

Nicole Dorsey, Liberal Studies

Alicia Eckert, Liberal Studies

Christine Eikmeier, Liberal Studies

Shannon Erne, Liberal Studies

Sarah Estes, Liberal Studies

Kimberly Everett, Liberal Studies

Stephanie Farmer, Liberal Studies

Kimberly Gomez, Liberal Studies

Alexander Gronotte, Liberal Studies

Natalie Hadweh, Liberal Studies

Rachael Hahn, Liberal Studies

Daniel Harper, Liberal Studies

Hortencia Hernandez, Liberal Studies

Veronica Huffman, Liberal Studies

Amie Ippolito, Liberal Studies

Rachel Labadie, Liberal Studies

Jelissa Lanning, Liberal Studies

Lindsey Lawlor, Liberal Studies

Karelya Lee, Liberal Studies

Jocelynn Lenz, Liberal Studies

Rebecca Little, Liberal Studies

Claudia Lopez, Liberal Studies

Breanna Maltby, Liberal Studies

Ana Mata, Liberal Studies

Jody McGowan, Liberal Studies

Ashley Meglich, Liberal Studies

Idelisa Mendoza, Liberal Studies

Cynthia Mendoza, Liberal Studies

Briseida Mendoza, Liberal Studies

Melissa Miranda, Liberal Studies

Miranda Mullens, Liberal Studies

Kallie Murphy, Liberal Studies

Jessica Nelson, Liberal Studies

Sierra Oakman, Liberal Studies

Noemi Ortiz-Santos, Liberal Studies

Malory Pariseau, Liberal Studies

Jessica Perry, Liberal Studies

Rachel Peters, Liberal Studies

Amanda Pifer, Liberal Studies

Erica Piper, Liberal Studies

Danielle Presson, Liberal Studies

Rebecca Reiser, Liberal Studies

Laura Rivera, Liberal Studies

Joyce Rivera, Liberal Studies

Kelsey Robertson, Liberal Studies

Sarah Roddy, Liberal Studies

Saidy Rojas, Liberal Studies

Lacey Rowland, Liberal Studies

Jeremy Ruby, Liberal Studies

Deborah Sanchez, Liberal Studies

Sophia Santiago, Liberal Studies

Colby Saude, Liberal Studies

Allison Sciarretta, Liberal Studies

Melissa Sibrian, Liberal Studies

Ashley Smith, Liberal Studies

Haley Smith, Liberal Studies

Kendyl Smith, Liberal Studies

Nicolette Solarez, Liberal Studies

Lindsey Sparacino, Liberal Studies

Sarah Thompson, Liberal Studies

Jennifer Thompson, Liberal Studies

Nancy Tran, Liberal Studies

Kelly Tucker, Liberal Studies

Natasha Turley, Liberal Studies

Brenna Walraven, Liberal Studies

Lauren Weiler, Liberal Studies

Carli Wickham, Liberal Studies

Summer Wineteer, Liberal Studies

Lane Yarnell, Liberal Studies

Brianna Adair, Liberal Studies

Dorothy Allen-Tarver, Liberal Studies

Jessica Bhatt, Liberal Studies

Holly Blair, Liberal Studies

Ryan Brown, Liberal Studies

Sabrina De Santiago, Liberal Studies

Alyssa Denton, Liberal Studies

Salina Forrest, Liberal Studies

Caitlin France, Liberal Studies

Breanne Friedberg, Liberal Studies

Janae Gregory, Liberal Studies

Lauren Haslinger, Liberal Studies

Keiranne Humpston, Liberal Studies

Robert Huss, Liberal Studies

Rose Jauregui, Liberal Studies

Jirah Javier, Liberal Studies

Summer Key, Liberal Studies

Kara Kobzeff, Liberal Studies

Catarina Lara, Liberal Studies

Jami Lavin, Liberal Studies

Rocelia Mendez, Liberal Studies

Sonia Mendoza, Liberal Studies

Brianna Michalkiewicz, Liberal Studies

Kiara Perez, Liberal Studies

Danyelle Peters, Liberal Studies

Jessica Posey, Liberal Studies

Natalie Prazak, Liberal Studies

Keri Rasmussen, Liberal Studies

Meryl-Mae Reyes, Liberal Studies

Amber Reynolds, Liberal Studies

Angelica Rodriguez, Liberal Studies

Jacqueline Romero, Liberal Studies

Mary Salem, Liberal Studies

Sara Salyer, Liberal Studies

Alison Seagle, Liberal Studies

Sierra Simmons, Liberal Studies

Justin Steen, Liberal Studies

Nicole Thill, Liberal Studies

Juana Valentin, Liberal Studies

Sara Wright, Liberal Studies

Amanda Bhatt, Liberal Studies

Alexandra Bristol, Liberal Studies

Elizabeth Butler, Liberal Studies

Jessica Byrd, Liberal Studies

Kimberly Campbell, Liberal Studies

Jazmin Cedillo, Liberal Studies

Melissa Eckburg, Liberal Studies

Makenna Entrikin, Liberal Studies

Allison Fairbanks, Liberal Studies

Holly Fauria, Liberal Studies

Cynthia Flores, Liberal Studies

Mariana Gomezllanos, Liberal Studies

Madison Habel, Liberal Studies

Nalleli Hernandez, Liberal Studies

Tiffany Johnson, Liberal Studies

Justice Judge, Liberal Studies

Emma Kirker, Liberal Studies

Leah Lomeli, Liberal Studies

Aide Merito, Liberal Studies

Jessica Miceli, Liberal Studies

Sarah Musia, Liberal Studies

Caitlin Nagle, Liberal Studies

Kristen Nasella, Liberal Studies

Erica Noble, Liberal Studies

Margaret Ollry, Liberal Studies

Elizabeth Phillips, Liberal Studies

Laura Ramirez, Liberal Studies

Meghan Randig, Liberal Studies

Martha Resendiz, Liberal Studies

Diana Soto, Liberal Studies

Jessica Stellrecht, Liberal Studies

Viviana Talavera, Liberal Studies

Kaitlin Tuers, Liberal Studies

Amy Wilson, Liberal Studies

Andrea Aduna, Literature & Writing

Rayna Bohac, Literature & Writing

Kerrigan Bush, Literature & Writing

Maeve Camplisson, Literature & Writing

Isela Cardenas, Literature & Writing

Zachary Carpenter, Literature & Writing

Stefan Cowper, Literature & Writing

Ashley Coyne, Literature & Writing

Kendal Craig, Literature & Writing

AnneMarie Di Padova, Literature & Writing

Omar Gomez, Literature & Writing

Kayla Hansen, Literature & Writing

Brogan Hoenisch, Literature & Writing

Nathaniel Jones, Literature & Writing

Ellena Kilgallon, Literature & Writing

Sarah Linthicum, Literature & Writing

Ryder Logan, Literature & Writing

Katelin Miller, Literature & Writing

Valerie Milton, Literature & Writing

Taylor Monson, Literature & Writing

Courtney Peck, Literature & Writing

Cristina Perez, Literature & Writing

Stephany Phimmasouk, Literature & Writing

Brandon Purvis, Literature & Writing

Nicolet Ramirez, Literature & Writing

Elizabeth Roush, Literature & Writing

Sarelle Salvador, Literature & Writing

Rebecca Sterling, Literature & Writing

Natasha Teymourian, Literature & Writing

Cheryl Thompson, Literature & Writing

Micah Turner, Literature & Writing

Katherine Van Sickle, Literature & Writing

Angela Vander Velde, Literature & Writing

Sophia Vander Velde, Literature & Writing

Morgan Wahlstrom, Literature & Writing

Kelsey Weinapple, Literature & Writing

David Yendes, Literature & Writing

Emily Zakich, Literature & Writing

Tarah Aguilera, Literature & Writing

Jessica Andrade, Literature & Writing

Kayla Arbini, Literature & Writing

Arnulfo Arellano, Literature & Writing

Giancarlo Caballero, Literature & Writing

Marcela Calderon, Literature & Writing

Jessica Calderon, Literature & Writing

Danielle Cockburn, Literature & Writing

Joye DePalatis, Literature & Writing

Brian Dekoekkoek, Literature & Writing

Kendra Fitzpatrick, Literature & Writing

Noelle Friedberg, Literature & Writing

Katelin Garner, Literature & Writing

Dayna Giehl, Literature & Writing

Marco Gonzalez, Literature & Writing

Taylor Han, Literature & Writing

Caleb Hogland, Literature & Writing

Melissa Hurt, Literature & Writing

Sarah Jacot, Literature & Writing

Elizabeth Jaffari, Literature & Writing

Edith Larios, Literature & Writing

Nicolas Liberatore, Literature & Writing

James Massengale, Literature & Writing

Natalie McKemy, Literature & Writing

Alyssa Meijer, Literature & Writing

Danielle Minor, Literature & Writing

Rebecca Nerstad, Literature & Writing

Paulina Nikolsky, Literature & Writing

Rico Palmerin, Literature & Writing

Marie Parrish, Literature & Writing

Dylan Poturich, Literature & Writing

Jessica Ramirez Ardon, Literature & Writing

Katherine Ramos, Literature & Writing

Samuel Ramsey, Literature & Writing

Katelynn Rise, Literature & Writing

Lillie Robison, Literature & Writing

Cassidy Rodriguez, Literature & Writing

Yvette Ruiz, Literature & Writing

Jahara Singh, Literature & Writing

Lea Sulman, Literature & Writing

Katlin Sweeney, Literature & Writing

Sarah Taylor, Literature & Writing

Ashley Teller, Literature & Writing

Michael Tran, Literature & Writing

Raquel Valadez, Literature & Writing

Sarah Youngren, Literature & Writing

Neil Zaremba, Literature & Writing

Shaymaa Abusalih, Literature & Writing

Brooke Birtch, Literature & Writing

Alex Carrier, Literature & Writing

Jacqueline De Los Santos, Literature & Writing

Abigail Dougan, Literature & Writing

Delaine Downie, Literature & Writing

Blaze Freer, Literature & Writing

Nicole Holman, Literature & Writing

Wesley Howlett, Literature & Writing

Jonathan Lerum, Literature & Writing

Angelica Marigliano, Literature & Writing

Crystal McClure, Literature & Writing

Kayla Murphy, Literature & Writing

Kathryn Orcino, Literature & Writing

Essence Sanders, Literature & Writing

Clement Smith, Literature & Writing

Daydree Snow, Literature & Writing

Gloria Teran, Literature & Writing

Cassandra Van Buskirk, Literature & Writing

Sierra Zounes, Literature & Writing

Laurie Anderson, Mass Media

Ryan Anzil, Mass Media

Alexander Beechler, Mass Media

Brandon Bentson, Mass Media

Summer Blinco, Mass Media

Russell Breckenridge, Mass Media

Lindsey Cass, Mass Media

Amy Chastain, Mass Media

Isabelle Corneliussen, Mass Media

Adrianna Cruz, Mass Media

Maximiliano Cuenca, Mass Media

Ryan DiPiero, Mass Media

Sonia Dominguez, Mass Media

Kaitlyn Estona, Mass Media

Briana Flores, Mass Media

John Hage, Mass Media

Tyler Hartford, Mass Media

Fabian Hernandez, Mass Media

Carlos Hernandez, Mass Media

Risa Inamata, Mass Media

Cassandra Jenness, Mass Media

Christopher Jimenez, Mass Media

Lindsey Jones, Mass Media

Kehana Krumme, Mass Media

Joseph LaCavera, Mass Media

Tessa Mata, Mass Media

Jade Matsumoto, Mass Media

Melissa Miulli, Mass Media

Dillon Parkford, Mass Media

Taylor Pinegar, Mass Media

Brent Reilly, Mass Media

Isidoro Rendon, Mass Media

Sunniva Rustad Oesthaug, Mass Media

Ian Sternberg, Mass Media

Martin Szillat, Mass Media

Anthony Tyre, Mass Media

Collin Vaz, Mass Media

Brianna Williams, Mass Media

Daniel Ybarra, Mass Media

Jessica Yochem, Mass Media

Kian Aburto-Pratt, Mathematics

Jake Blalock, Mathematics

Alana Clipper, Mathematics

Vanesa Dominguez, Mathematics

Torrey Goldberg, Mathematics

Christopher Higley, Mathematics

Juan Lopez, Mathematics

David Mosley, Mathematics

Justin Mulvany, Mathematics

Rhiannon Ripley, Mathematics

Austin Schiff, Mathematics

Nicolas Soriano, Mathematics

Anahi Soriano, Mathematics

Amy Thompson, Mathematics

Mary Wakefield, Mathematics

Joshua Laulhere, Pre-Communication

Laura Martinez, Pre-Communication

Soleil Olsen-Corona, Pre-Communication

Arianna Shell, Pre-Communication

Jessica Amezcua, Political Science

Lauren Anderson, Political Science

Joel Ballard, Political Science

George Baran, Political Science

Lynette Belsky, Political Science

Lauren Berg, Political Science

Janet Brotherton, Political Science

Richard Brown, Political Science

David Buchanan, Political Science

Collin Buell, Political Science

Sierra Denny, Political Science

Melissa Devitt, Political Science

Morgan Garcia, Political Science

Blake Garcia, Political Science

Malcolm Heard, Political Science

Janet Hernandez, Political Science

Noha Khalil, Political Science

Jonathan Lung, Political Science

Jessica Martinez, Political Science

Lauren Mayes, Political Science

Karla Mendoza Orozco, Political Science

Gary Mercer, Political Science

Miranda Padron, Political Science

Liliana Ponce, Political Science

Sterling Porretta, Political Science

Hanen Rahman, Political Science

Jennifer Salas, Political Science

Lela Wall, Political Science

Jacqueline Weiner, Political Science

Taylor Wendland, Political Science

Leena El-Maleh, Political Science

Christine Hamby, Political Science

Gianni Jaramillo, Political Science

Zach Mendiola, Political Science

Susan Patterson, Political Science

John Phillips, Political Science

Samuel Ramtin, Political Science

Victoria Scalo, Political Science

Robert Theiring, Political Science

Alexis Ahlin, Psychology

Tricia Alcid, Psychology

Alexa Aleszko, Psychology

Robert Altamirano, Psychology

Breinne Amoroso, Psychology

Amber Arcidiacono, Psychology

Shawnee Aschemeyer, Psychology

Juliann Awad, Psychology

Sarah Bernardy, Psychology

Amber Berry, Psychology

Bethanie Bloch, Psychology

Alexandria Borba, Psychology

Caitlyn Bottom, Psychology

Kathryn Bouvatte, Psychology

Nicole Bronson, Psychology

Sakia Bryson, Psychology

Catherine Buergel, Psychology

Kyle Burkle, Psychology

Kaitlin Burns, Psychology

Leah Cannon, Psychology

Marina Cantarelli, Psychology

Tyan Carrico, Psychology

Angela Chheng, Psychology

Nayoon Choi, Psychology

Cayla Christensen, Psychology

Channing Clemons, Psychology

Maria Cole, Psychology

Kennedy Cook, Psychology

Christine Cook, Psychology

Annastatia Couture, Psychology

Ayel Mae Cruz, Psychology

Trevor Cuyno, Psychology

Adriana Damian, Psychology

Jessica Dejulio, Psychology

Elaine Dimopoulos, Psychology

Monica Dixon, Psychology

LaDectric Driver, Psychology

Kelly Edwards, Psychology

Kassidy Enns, Psychology

Brianna Espinda, Psychology

Marlon Fernandez, Psychology

Lennea Fish, Psychology

Christina Flores, Psychology

Kristin Foree Tobias, Psychology

Kevin Francia, Psychology

Mary Angela Funck, Psychology

Veronica Gama, Psychology

Xochitl Garnica, Psychology

Jennifer Gomez, Psychology

Sol Gomez Naranjo, Psychology

Rolando Gomez-Hernandez, Psychology

Marissalyn Gonzales, Psychology

Candy Gonzalez, Psychology

Amiyonette Goodblanket, Psychology

Katherine Gossett, Psychology

Deisy Gracia, Psychology

Sean Griser, Psychology

Guadalupe Guerrero, Psychology

Anahi Guerrero, Psychology

Timothy Guse, Psychology

Kambiz Hafizi, Psychology

Laurel Harris, Psychology

Alejandro Harrison, Psychology

Cassidy Heidt, Psychology

Ivan Hernandez, Psychology

Michelle Hernandez, Psychology

Maddison Herrick, Psychology

Dalia Hipolito Martinez, Psychology

Estella Hoang, Psychology

Kelcey Hokenson, Psychology

Gabe Holguin, Psychology

Karen Hopkins, Psychology

Adam Hurtado, Psychology

Paola Ilescas, Psychology

Lauren Jackson, Psychology

Kristina Jimenez, Psychology

Kristina Johnson, Psychology

Kyle Jones, Psychology

Kelsey Kaliher, Psychology

Kristy Kay, Psychology

Sabrina Lamprecht, Psychology

Cherelle Lewis, Psychology

Christopher Lindahl, Psychology

Cristal Lopez, Psychology

Maria Lopez, Psychology

Rebeca Lopez, Psychology

Cesarina Lucarelli Thouin, Psychology

Berta Luis Sanchez, Psychology

Kaitlyn Maczko, Psychology

Raana Manavi, Psychology

Jessee Marriott, Psychology

Samantha Marshall, Psychology

Gretchen Martin, Psychology

Alyssa Martinez, Psychology

Samantha Maze, Psychology

Camille McArdle-Hankin, Psychology

Kelly McCann, Psychology

Matthew McHolland, Psychology

Bianca Medina, Psychology

Meylin Melchor, Psychology

Denisse Mendez, Psychology

Duarlin Mercado, Psychology

Spencer Michalek, Psychology

Frank Montana, Psychology

Mia Montejano, Psychology

Eunice Montes, Psychology

Alexis Morales, Psychology

Jaime Morgan, Psychology

Sara Mozafaripour, Psychology

Sherrianne Murphy, Psychology

Julia Najd, Psychology

True Nare, Psychology

Wendi Nelson, Psychology

Sergio Niebla Felix, Psychology

Cierra Nigro, Psychology

Vanessa Nunez, Psychology

Samantha Nunez, Psychology

Caitlin O'Hara, Psychology

Derrick Ocampo, Psychology

Joseph Olson, Psychology

Francisca Ortiz, Psychology

Sofia Peterson, Psychology

Donna Phonsane, Psychology

Nina Pitts, Psychology

Lindsey Price, Psychology

Stephanie Price, Psychology

Jonathan Pridgeon, Psychology

Amelia Qasem, Psychology

Kendall Raymond, Psychology

Candice Reel, Psychology

Hayley Reider, Psychology

Marjolein Renstrom, Psychology

Silvia Reyes, Psychology

Yessenia Rico Zamora, Psychology

Merced Rios Reyes, Psychology

Alana Rippey, Psychology

Lauren Rivero, Psychology

Courtney Robinson, Psychology

Caroline Robison, Psychology

Galen Roehm, Psychology

Caitlin Rogers, Psychology

Natalie Rudningen, Psychology

Karla Ruiz, Psychology

Ashley Sanders, Psychology

Layla Santos, Psychology

Sydney Schabacker, Psychology

Jessica Schabow, Psychology

Athena Shepherd, Psychology

Sonia Siddique, Psychology

Daniel Sinclair, Psychology

Kamariya Smith, Psychology

Jessica Smitherman, Psychology

Samantha Soto, Psychology

Lauren Stone, Psychology

Amanda Strickland, Psychology

Danielle Struwe, Psychology

Ryan Sypris, Psychology

Amy Tran, Psychology

Rachael Van Gundy, Psychology

Angelina Vasquez, Psychology

Carissa Velasquez, Psychology

Michael Waltrip, Psychology

Jamie West, Psychology

Ellen Wiedner, Psychology

Morgan Willis, Psychology

Nicole Worley, Psychology

Elemy Yeme, Psychology

Armando Zaragoza, Psychology

Maribel Zavala, Psychology

Michael Arce, Sociology

Bianca Arellano, Sociology

Tracy Courts, Sociology

Alma Dolores, Sociology

Tania Fonseca, Sociology

Noemi Jara, Sociology

Chelsea Lightfoot, Sociology

Magally Marquez Vargas, Sociology

Martha Martinez Saldivar, Sociology

Charity Paquette, Sociology

Jessica Patino, Sociology

Laura Perez, Sociology

Jennine Ponce, Sociology

Jennifer Rowland, Sociology

Seychelle Ruiz, Sociology

Kelly Ann Sam, Sociology

Arlette Sanchez, Sociology

Landon Sherwood, Sociology

Kenzie Simpson, Sociology

Jessica Solis, Sociology

Rachel Trafford, Sociology

Angeles Vazquez, Sociology

Darlene Williams, Sociology

Brenda Aguayo, Sociology

Antonia Duggan, Sociology

Sabrina Holguin, Sociology

Trent Holtzleicer, Sociology

Ruth Jimenez, Sociology

Anayeli Sanchez, Sociology

Angelica Santiago, Sociology

Cassidy Castiglione, Sociology

Esmeralda Amaya, Sociology

Shane Anderson, Sociology

Perla Barragan, Sociology

Andrea Bautista, Sociology

Jessica Bautista, Sociology

Ashton Bernardini, Sociology

Natividad Cabrera, Sociology

Melytza Cabrera, Sociology

Yolanda Canedo, Sociology

Joana Castanon Vargas, Sociology

Marquessa Castorena, Sociology

Alexandria Cernuto, Sociology

Danielle Chaidez, Sociology

Alexia Cital, Sociology

Jonna Clark, Sociology

Monica Corona, Sociology

Lexus Criswell, Sociology

Angelica De Jesus, Sociology

Samantha Elkus, Sociology

Sunstar Estrada, Sociology

Sandra Ferrer, Sociology

Lisa Flora, Sociology

Sherry Flores, Sociology

Karen Flores, Sociology

Paul Gabriola, Sociology

Cristian Garcia-ortiz, Sociology

Temisha Gardner, Sociology

Alfonso Gomez, Sociology

Zane Graham, Sociology

Allison Haack, Sociology

Kadie Heck, Sociology

Melissa Jimenez, Sociology

Sarai Jimenez, Sociology

Brian Kelton, Sociology

Ye Seul Kim, Sociology

Emily Kunkel, Sociology

Erin LeClair, Sociology

Dawn Lee, Sociology

Sydnee Leuellyn, Sociology

Eloe Maravilla, Sociology

Dean Martin, Sociology

Michael Martinez, Sociology

Jessica Matthews, Sociology

Ana Medina, Sociology

Maria Mencias, Sociology

Wendy Mendoza, Sociology

Esthela Merida Lopez, Sociology

Fahriya Mohamad Musa, Sociology

Guadalupe Montes, Sociology

Trevor Muehring, Sociology

Graciela Murguia, Sociology

Denise Nealon, Sociology

Kambria Nielsen, Sociology

Stephanie Nieto, Sociology

Irma Ortiz, Sociology

Lorenzo Pena, Sociology

Monica Perez, Sociology

Joselyn Perez, Sociology

Sara Perez, Sociology

Maribel Perez, Sociology

Ariana Pozos, Sociology

Bernadette Rendon, Sociology

Ashley Richardson, Sociology

Jose Ruiz Escutia, Sociology

Krystina Schieck, Sociology

Jennifer Seidlitz, Sociology

Hudson Sherr, Sociology

Rachel Sotomayor, Sociology

Daniel Torres, Sociology

Roxanne Vega, Sociology

Alexia Villagrana, Sociology

Brooke Villalobos, Sociology

Brittany Camarillo, Spanish

Miguel Cervantes, Spanish

Evan Davis, Spanish

Jesus Garcia, Spanish

Julio Gonzalez, Spanish

Diego Lecca, Spanish

Gladis Luna, Spanish

Denyse Marquez, Spanish

Miriam Perez, Spanish

Janet Rodriguez, Spanish

Javier Sanchez, Spanish

Cristal Serrano, Spanish

Illiana Arias, Spanish

Jose De Loera Vallin, Spanish

Alejandra Flores, Spanish

Gabriela Garibay, Spanish

Jessica Leon, Spanish

Araceli Bazan, Spanish

Jovanny Pizarro, Spanish

Lisa Jackson, Special Major

Raymond Ravarra, Special Major

Tiffaney Boyd, Social Sciences

Elise Grangetto, Social Sciences

Hailey Hunt, Social Sciences

Preston Thompson, Social Sciences

Jordan Boyce, Social Sciences

Walter Valle, Social Sciences

Erik De Haro, Social Sciences

Paul DeFrancesco, Social Sciences

Kimberly Hernandez, Social Sciences

Alexandra Quezada, Social Sciences

Jacob Roge, Social Sciences

Arlene Varjabedian, Social Sciences

Yolanda Azzam, Social Sciences

Jerry Brekhus, Social Sciences

Desalegn Gebre, Social Sciences

Javier Marta, Social Sciences

Brianna Wilson, Social Sciences

Jenny Bjoerkelund, Social Sciences

Thomas Lashley, Social Sciences

Jordan Queen, Social Sciences

Sabrina Bagley, Women's Studies

Sandra Serrano, Women's Studies

Preston Witchell, Women's Studies

CHABSS Dean's Lists by Semester
COAS* Dean's Lists

*Dean's Lists honors prior to Fall 2011 were awarded by the College of Arts & Sciences