Spring 2012

  • Andrew Pinkard - "Synthesis of Three Inhibitory Azaindole Analogs Targeting a Protein Kinase"
  • Jehovani Lopez - "Isolation and characterization of Anti-­-mycobacterial Metabolites from the Extract of Marine Bacterial Strain UA-­-323"
  • Temet McMichael - "Anti-mycobacterial Metabolites Produced by UA 218, a Marine Bacterial Strain from a Nearshore Environment in San Diego"
  • Alexandra Porobic - "Identification of Anti-mycobacterial Metabolites Produced by Challenged Bacterial Isolate UA-308"
  • Chris Rutherford - "Low pH Induced Conformational Changes of GroEL"
  • David Huang - "Low pH Induced Structural Changes of GroEL"
  • Lisa Lucas  "A Study of Thin Film CaCO3 Crystal Formation Conditions"
  • MaryRose Orencia - "Structural Analysis of Thin Aggregative Fimbril Protein AgfA"
  • Patrick Chapman - "A study of CO2 diffusion and its effects on pH and calcium carbonate formation"
  • Travis Raymond - "Preliminary Purification of H.pylori Proteins"

Fall 2011

  • Christina Barraza - "Low pH-Induced Conformational Changes of GroEL"
  • Jose Juan Bautista - "Peptide Synthesis: Purification of a Student-made Tetrapeptide"
  • Aline Takei - "Isolation, Purification and Identification of AgfB Protein"
  • Arshad Hamideh - "The Effect of Polymer-Surfactant Interactions on Solution Viscosity"