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Getting Started

Before Beginning

Before beginning your independent research project, we want you to know the types of research programs available. You can find out about current research of Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty by any of the following:

  • Attend the Chem 499 presentations by students from at least 3 different labs or research programs.

  • Set up an appointment or go during office hours to interview at least 3 faculty about their current research. Have each faculty member sign the Independent Research Faculty Interview form to record that you discussed research. Submit the IR Faculty Interview form to the faculty member with whom you choose to do research.

  • Read through the research profiles found on the website and Complete the Independent Research Mentor Choice form. Set up a meeting with the faculty member who you would like to choose as a mentor. Submit the IR Mentor Choice form to your faculty mentor.


The independent research registration process is different than regular courses. You must fill out the Independent Research Course Registration form in consultation with your faculty mentor, obtain the signature of the department chair (leave in mailbox if not in office, with a note on how to reach you once the form has been signed), then drop the form off at the registration desk at Cougar Central.


The end of the semester preceding the start of your research or the week before classes begin are good times to complete the IR Course Registration form. You can submit it at any time before the add deadline, but it is best to complete the form and submit it well before this deadline.