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The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians has graciously donated nearly half a million dollars to the CICSC. Most recently, the grant has funded the writing of the first-ever American Indian Education Report in California. The report on the State of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Education in California 2014 is the second publication in a three-part series made possible by financial support from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is an invaluable tribal partner and has made an "investment change" in public policy reporting about the educational attainments, roadblocks, gaps, and achievements of American Indians and Alaska Natives in the State. Without their progressive investment this work would not be possible.

The State of American Indian and Alaskan Native (AIAN) Education in California 2014

The findings from the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center’s 2012 report confirmed the need for greater efforts to prepare, to recruit, to retain, and to graduate Native youth from institutions of higher education. In particular, the realization that AI/AN enrollment rates are declining across the CSUs was alarming. These results provided the basis to delve deeper into the program, outreach, and support of postsecondary institutions in the 2014 report to determine where enrollment and transfer numbers are decreasing or increasing; to determine what the best practices at state colleges and universities to attract, retain, and graduate AI/ANs are; and correspondingly to determine where we, as educators of AI/AN students in the state of California, need to improve.

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The State of American Indian and Alaskan Native (AIAN) Education in California

Authored by the CICSC, this annual report compiles publicly available data to provide much-needed information about American Indians and Alaska Native (AIAN) people in the K–12, community college, California State University and University of California systems. The data includes enrollment, graduation rates, dropout rates, degrees conferred and personnel by race/ethnicity. We envision this report will provide useful knowledge for creating future policy, boosting productivity in discussing AI/AN educational needs, and making resources a priority to AIAN students in California.

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“San Manuel is proud to support the efforts of the CICSC. This effort is important and can be significant but will require the support of Indian tribes and others who are committed to the mission of the center.”
James Ramos

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