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The Exchange at the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC)

What is NCRC?

The National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) is a full service alternative dispute resolution provider, based in San Diego, California since 1983. NCRC provides and promotes collaborative dispute resolution and conflict management to individuals, organizations and society through education, training and client services.

NCRC partnered with CSUSM as our campus formed the Civility Campaign to create an environment that supports civil behavior, and also to help us train individuals on how to resolve conflicts within the workplace, academic settings, friend circles, home life, housing, relationships, and more! NCRC provides the skill-based component of our Civility Campaign, and because of their commitment to supporting us these first two years, we’ve already seen tremendous growth within the campus community. 

What is The Exchange?

NCRC'S Exchange training is an interactive course designed to teach conflict management skills. This training is offered to both students and staff members.

Please check back soon for more information regarding training sessions for the Fall 2013 semester.