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2012-13 Civility Champions

Civility Champs

Congratulations to our 2012-2013 Civility Champions!

They are:

 Curtis Bovee

Nominated by: Dr. Laura de Ghetaldi

Dr. de Ghetaldi wrote: "Curtis has coordinated the very successful food distribution events aimed at addressing the hunger insecurities of students on campus. Curtis is doing his internship through the Department of Kinesiology for his degree in Health Science/Kinesiology. This internship is also through the Office of Community Service Learning also coordinating with the non-profit group Donate Don't Dump and the North County Food Bank. This is the inaugural semester for the new Kinesiology Major's Club. He has coordinated volunteers, worked with the non-profit groups and has helped me oversee the distribution of over 10,300 pounds of free fresh fruit, vegetables, milk and diary products, breads etc. all in just the first 3 distributions. To date, we have already feed over 500 students and the numbers will only increases we continue with future food distributions. As Curtis and I see this, it has been transformational education for all of the volunteers involved and the mere thank yous coming from grateful students has been enough for us to double the future distributions from one a month to two times a month. Curtis leaves each event humbled and deeply moved by the expression of thanks from the students, some very desperate in need of help with ending their food insecurities.

Curtis Bovee

I might also mention that while he is a full time student here on campus, he works a minimum of 2 12 hour shifts as an EMT at Tri-City Hospital in the ER. He also works several shifts as a waiter each week to help pay for student loans. He hopes to travel to Tapachula, Mexico this summer to help at the orphanage-Mision Mexico and set up their health clinic. Curtis strives to enter into PA school this next Fall. Another thing he does on campus to represent caring and empathy to his fellow students is that he volunteers his time and writes health related articles for our campus newspaper. He uses his heart and his education to help others-consistently. It is an honor to watch him help others."

Michelle Bravo
Nominated by: Professor Paul Stuhr

Michelle Bravo

       Professor Stuhr wrote: "Michelle (a.k.a. Mae) Bravo is one of my students in KINE 310 here at CSUSM. Mae embodies the very definition of civility through her actions. Care: During our cooperative activities in KINE 310 one student dislocated their finger. Mae was the first student by her side assisting this student. Mae was able to help her over to the training room in the Clarke, staying with and comforting the injured student the entire time she received treatment. Respect: Mae is diligent in the way she interacts with other peers in class. She demonstrates attentive listening, the use of positive praise towards others during lab, and goes out of her way to keep the class environment one in which other students feel comfortable learning in. Empathy: During our reflections in KINE 310 Mae has demonstrated an ability to be involved with other comments, connecting them to transferable situations outside the classroom. Mae demonstrates understanding and a keen sense of awareness when it comes to responding to other student comments.
Pretty amazing to watch Mae interact with others during a reflection session because she exudes a genuine interest and desire in wanting to understand the perspective of another - and does so in a nurturing manner. I am honored to nominate Michelle "Mae" Bravo for a chance to be a CSUSM Civility Champion because she truly applies civility within her everyday life."

Campus Coffee Cart (Tim and Sandra Sabatini and Kyle Duran)
Nominated by: Matt Walsh

Matt wrote: "Everyday, bright and early, the coffee cart couple is up to assist the students, staff, and faculty of CSUSM. They have such a postive attitude, it permeates into you all day long. They go beyond the basic principles of customer service, and actually try to get to know you. They remember your name, and are always willing to make sure your day starts off right. Additionally, they are supporters of the Civility Campaign, and have Civility flyers posted, so that when you are pouring yourself some sugar into a rich cup of Peerless Coffee and Tea, you can see Civility photos and the pledge."

Coffee Cart

Annette Daoud
Nominated by: Tama Harper

Annette Daoud

      Tama wrote: "During a very stressful time period, Dr. Daoud, SoE Faculty, has become a confidant who has taken time out of her busy schedule to assist others who are not part of her daily work experience. She continues to offer personal support going beyond words of comfort, but actually providing ways of support. Not only does she provide weekly emails or personal stop bys for support, she has taken time to sit down and work out plans of successfully handling stressful situations, being there for support at each step. In a way, she has developed a sense of partnership wanting to be there to assist with a solution. She continues to focus on the positive aspects of situations which have enhanced open communication and definitely has increased coping skills for those under stress. She is a true example of one who definitely tries to put herself in another person's shoes and walk with them showing care, concern and respect with each step and thus promotes a supportive climate on campus for other faculty, staff and students."

Silverio Haro
Nominated by: Domenica Pearl

Domenica wrote: "Silverio recently gave a series of motivational presentations at Fallbrook High School on the importance of higher education and encouraging students to consider college. Silverio is constantly reaching out to underrepresented students, in high schools, community colleges and at CSUSM. His work directly impacts the University's goals to contribute to the community as well as provide outreach and inclusion opportunities. In doing so, Mr. Haro not only acknowledges the cultures and humanity of others, he has a remarkable ability to relate, empathize and genuinely care about the students in which he is reaching out."


Andres Rodriguez
Nominated by: Anonymous

Andres Rodriguez

     "Andres is in my Spanish class and we both missed the memo that class was cancelled a few weeks ago so we were standing outside when a girl walked by and spilled her coffee all over the floor. Andres was in his suit but still he went to the bathroom multiple times to get paper towels and help the young woman clean up her coffee. He was there a good 15-20 minutes and helped her out of the kindness of his heart. I was so impressed that he stayed to help her when he could have easily left to do something else because our class was cancelled. He's the president of Alpha Kappa Psi and I have heard nothing but amazing things from his fellow brothers and sisters. I think he definitely embodies Civility and would be a great champion for our campus!"

Sherri Soto
Nominated by: John Coffin

John wrote: "I have often observed Sherri helping other students in the library with their studies. Both with classes she has had previously and with classes she is currently taking. I've seen Sherri taking others with her to attend fundraisers. She is a real benefit to the student body. Last week I observed her buying lunch for another less fortunate student. Sherri is very aware of others' needs. I am proud to be able to call her friend."

Sherri Soto

Stephen Tsui
Nominated by: Charles De Leone and Shannon Nolan

Stephen Tsui

     Shannon wrote: "Dr. Stephen Tsui is the quintessential Civility Champion and ICON. Although he is rooted in the Physics Department as Assistant Professor, his influence extends to several areas on campus including the Faculty Center, Tukwut Leadership Circle, Orientation Programs, Campus Connect, and various campus engagement outreach events. Dr. Tsui advises the Society of Physics Students (SPS) student org, helping students facilitate the campus' annual Rocket Car Race among other events. I coordinate our campus' academic and honor societies and have been most inspired by our STEM groups, specifically SPS. I have watched SPS student leaders be transformed by the guidance that they have received from Dr. Tsui, students who once shied away from leadership are now facilitating successful meetings with strong marketing as well as attendance, they are fundraising, collaborating with other student orgs, and engaging with their alumni. SPS is one of many ways Dr. Tsui shows that he cares about students.

For example, he presented a stellar workshop for the Tukwut Leadership Circle and afterwards he gave the students his contact information and invited them to contact him for any type of academic support.I have heard his students say that they love him that he is the best professor they have ever had. I know that he spends many hours writing letters of recommendations and helping students reach their professional and academic goals. He is truly a giver of time and energy to this campus, although it results in many late nights working away in his office and lab. Our campus is a better place because of Dr. Tsui, and I am honored to nominate him for Civility Champion and ICON. Please let me know if you would like any other details about his contributions to our campus and what makes him worthy of this acknowledgment. Thank you!"

Charles wrote: "Prof. Stephen Tsui conducts himself with a sense of care, respect and empathy for his students and colleagues at all times. It is common to find him investing some of his limited time in conversation with students concerning their concerns, whether related to courses and advising or of a more general nature. And Prof. Tsui always has a positive word for staff and colleagues. I believe that all his colleagues and students would agree that his daily activities embody the definition of civility."

Thomas Hagos
Nominated by: Dreama moon

Dreama wrote: "Thomas is an exceptional
young man - smart, polite, caring, and
always affirming in his interaction with
others. He listens, he hears, he
appreciates, he follows up. In class, it is his
habit to thank his peers when one of them
shares a deeply moving personal story. "
Civility Shirt

Kyle Azcuna
Nominated by: Ariel Plaza 

Kyle Azcuna Ariel wrote: "On a daily basis Kyle lives to make a positive change in his peers’ lives. Kyle has gone above and beyond as a student leader on campus by leading volunteering trips, encouraging others to better themselves, and being there for others in every situation. Kyle can make people laugh when they feel down and knows how to properly resolve a conflict. Kyle has gone through hours of training a in his efforts to educate and better himself in order to better the campus."

Xuan Santos
Nominated by: Mario Marcias Jr.

Mario wrote: "As a current graduate student in the Sociology MASP program at CSUSM, I can truly say Dr. Santos has positively impacted my life as well as others who know him personally. He has helped me tremendously through my education and it is because of him that I am here at CSUSM going for my MA in sociology. He is always thinking of  others and constantly giving back to his community in East. Los Angeles. He has done so much for himself educationally wise and has surpassed multiple obstacles that a Latino male encompasses growing up in a working class community. He is someone who I am truly honored to call my mentor, and more importantly my friend. There is a reason why he has significantly high evaluations from students at CSUSM, it is because he is a GREAT professor who always has time to help his students whether it be school related or not. Before teaching at CSUSM he taught at Occidental College where I studied as an undergrad. I took one of his Sociology courses my sophomore year and I was instantly impacted by him like no other professor Iâ?Tve ever met. If anyone deserves civility champion it is Dr. Santos" Xuan Santos

Maggie Uribe
Nominated by: Xuan Santos

Maggie Uribe Xuan wrote: "I write to nomiate Ms. Maggie Uribe who is an amazing community worker who  is respectful of difference and is a wonderful person who has an acute sense of the  socioemotional nature of groups. She has organized amazing school tours with minority high  school students who often remain invisible in society. She empowers the youth, the   local community, and subaltern folk. I can't think of someone who goes beyond the call of duty like Ms. Uribe. She is aserious presence on campus and is certainly a person who   represents the spirit of what a Civility Champion is at CSUSM. I unequivocally and without reservations nominate her." 

Jennie Goldman
Nominated by: Shannon Nolan

Shannon wrote: "Jennie is the most compassionate and insightful person to work with. She manages to hear all sides of a story and bring meaning to discussions. On a daily basis, Jennie is developing and nurturing students, encouraging them to stretch their limits, and be honest with their goals. She is an amazing colleague who  embodies civility in every facet of her life. Her holistic, inclusive  perspective makes her an asset to our campus and our department." Jennie Goldman

Peter Vu
Nominated by: Hilary Comerchero

Peter Vu Hilary wrote: "Peter exemplifies the essence of civility; he is amenable, attentive, courteous, formal (yet  approachable) pleasant and polite. Every human soul with whom he interacts has a positive experience, even if they are demanding, unreasonable or potentially aggressive. He is humble as well, dismissing praise or  compliments, and saying it's just what needed to be done. I admire him for his voiced dedication to making all feel comfortable and heard. He sets a high standard and example for the other student employees and those he assists, including me."

Katelyn Campbell
Nominated by: Marley Small

Marley wrote: "Katelyn is a very generous and loving person. She is always there to help her friends  and those in need. She had created a charity that donated funds to areas in Africa in need." Katelyn Campbell

Pamela Kohlbry
Nominated by: Stephanie Leach

Pamela Kohlbry Stephanie wrote: "Dr. Kohlbry is the essence of civility. She is always kind and caring. She treats  everyone with respect and dignity. Every time I see her she has a smile on her face a kind word to brighten your day. In her classes she creates a wonderful environment of learning that is driven by her words of support and encouragement. Her research work supports civility in that it is seeking to better understand cultural competency in nursing. She was my instructor for the health promotion course where she motivated all of us to get out in the community to benefit those who are  underserved. She is a civility champion and I highly recommend her for this award."

Emli Capili
Nominated by: Laura de Ghetaldi

Dr. Laura wrote: "Emli is a student of mine in PE 203 (Physical Education for Elementary Children) which is a course that is required for future California K-8 credentialed teachers. Emli has become the light of our classroom this semester because she is special%7every  special. Emli has enlightened and enriched each and every class because she has created  a richness to the learning experience. A theme that permeates the semester is one that supports inclusion and the need to always respect and nurture all students. Although all subject areas should address this, Physical Education is an subject area with great needs to clearly address and focusing on abilities and not disabilities. Emli is deaf. I say that not as a label as to who/what she is, but rather to describe the fact that she just hears  differently than most of the students in our class. Although she speaks to us with  interpreters in class, when Emli speaks, everyone listens! Emli has allowed me to share her situation in class and we all work together to find ways to include her not only in the class  room but outside in the "playing fields of life." Having her in class has allowed my students to understand how to integrate the concepts of mainstreaming and inclusion and not the opposite of allowing isolation and exclusion. Emli has allowed us to share her world of hearing with her. Now when we clap our hands in class we sign clapping. When we are outside for movement activities, the students are able to partake in actually learning how to adapt activities to bring Emli into and a part of the games and activities. She is where she should be%7ewith us! Emli does not hide her deafness nor should she. She shows us that she is not disabled or handicapped but rather she is very "abled." Although she is  differently-abled in regards to the "hearing" world, she is still perfectly abled. She reminds us all that she still can and has the right to hear all that occurs in the classroom ." Emli Capili

Karen McGurk
Nominated by: Ross Hornbeck

Karen McGurk Ross wrote: "To Whom It May Concern: I am very pleased to be able to write this letter of  nomination for Dr. Karen McGurk. Karen was my instructor for Nursing Care of Adults I in the Spring 2012 semester, so I cannot claim to have known her for an extended period. However, in that one term, I reached the conclusion that Karen is among the most dedicated, encouraging, and  passionate professors that I have had in my years as a student. Karen thoroughly exemplifies the CSUSM mission, in her commitment to sustaining excellence in teaching and community partnership to enhance student learning and promote continued success beyond the NCLEX. I  cannot imagine a better example of a professor focusing on the student as an active participant in  the learning process, than in my reflection of how Karen consistently makes it her goal to work with  each student individually in the hospital settingâ?" providing real care, to real patients. She does more than just ensure that each clinical assesses an ability to use the information that she effectively teaches her students: She is a role model in her demonstration of the difference that your time spent with a patient can make. Upon completion of her clinical, I  came away with more  than just an essential foundational skillset that will be used throughout my career- I now recognize that the profound value of sincere human interaction with empathetic care is not outweighed by that of chemicals and procedures."

Cheryl Long
Nominated by: Eric Green

Eric wrote: "Cheryl Long is the supervisor to the student assistants of the Research Help Desk in the Kellogg Library. Mrs. Long demonstrates the core values of civility by being open to communication, embracing a diverse work environment, and ensuring that all the needs of her employees and her fellow staff and faculty members are met. Mrs. Long is a kind and giving individual who consistently uses inclusive language and respects every identity of her peers and employees thus making her more than a supervisor, but a great leader. With the changes the library has been experiencing the last couple of years; Mrs. Long has remained level headed, collected, and supportive of her peers and employees during difficult times. Mrs. Long has made it a goal to keep everyone she works with on the same page. This is important because it shows that Mrs. Long values every individual and they are all worth her time. Mrs. Long is one of the best supervisors around because she is patient and understanding. Mrs. Long knows that practice makes perfect and they only way is to go up, not down. She stresses the importance of learning from mistakes so is always looking for ways her employees can improve their performance and she offers constructive criticism that she believes will help her employees in the long run. Mrs. Long is the perfect embodiment of civility. She respects , cares for, and listens to others. " Cheryl Long

Maya Alvarez
Nominated by: Shannon Nolan

Maya Alvarez Shannon wrote: "Maya absolutely embodies care, empathy, and respect in how she lives her life. One sweet example is that Maya will spontaneously buy coffee for the person behind her at the coffee cart. I was home sick once and Maya surprised me  with crackers and 7UP. She made an exception for her student assistant to attend a leadership conference that conflicted with her training schedule. Always a student advocate, Maya stays informed about our campus events that support students such as college fairs, TLC leadership workshops, and ASI U-hour events. Although her specialty is in Outreach Programs, Maya has made an amazing impact on this  campus with her exemplary service to students and her colleagues. Students look to her as a mentor. They trust her and confide in her. Please acknowledge this amazing professional for how she lives the Civility motto."