Student Administration - Faculty Search

Faculty Search - video tutorial - 2:55 minutes (Windows Media Player) Required
Faculty Search - Word document, with screen shots (793 KB)

Use this to search for faculty and the classes they are/were scheduled to teach for a specific term.


Log on to your MyCSUSM and Navigating to your Faculty Center

  1. Select the Faculty Self Service option from the Portal Menu.
  2. Select the Faculty Search tab.
  3. Select the "search by name" button.
  4. Enter the search criteria for the faculty member you are trying to locate.
  5. Select the Faculty member you are looking for,
  6. Select the term you want to view.
  7. Then select the "Continue" button.
  8. The faculty member’s class schedule will appear.
  9. Once completed either start a new search or return to the main Faculty Center page.

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