Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I register for PeopleSoft Training?

We do not currently have any trainings scheduled.  Please see the Training and Documentation site for user guides.

The nVision reports require me to know more about Excel than I know now.  Where can I get more information about Excel?

Online Excel training can be found here:

How do I tell Purchasing about a new vendor?

While you are on the Form tab of the On-Line Requisition, first click on Header Defaults to search for the vendor.  If the vendor is definitely not already in the system, then click on Header Comments.  In the comment box, list the vendor name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, contact name, and any other information that will be helpful.  Make sure to click the three boxes directly below the comment box (Send to Vendor, Shown at Receipt, and Shown at Voucher).

Why do I have to call the Help Desk if I have a PeopleSoft question?

All Help Desk "tickets" for PeopleSoft are sent to a group of people.  If one person is busy or not here, the ticket can be picked up by someone else.  The tickets also tell us where to focus our training efforts, so don’t be shy about calling!

What will the University gain from implementing CMS Student Administration Baseline?

Replace Banner in a manner consistent with the campus mission and current objectives

Maximize the value of our investment

Partner with other CSUs

Ensure uninterrupted business operations

Ensure current functionality is replaced

Exploit opportunities for improving business processes and customer service on campus

How do I get access to PeopleSoft?

Your supervisor must approve your access, so please fill out (electronically) your access needs and ask your supervisor to forward the CMS Security Access Form  to the HelpDesk.  After you have had some of the basic training, your access will be activated.

What is the Student Administration Collaborative?

The SA Collaborative is a group of CSU campuses (Bakersfield, Humboldt, Monterey Bay, San Marcos and Stanislaus) that currently use SCT/Banner as their student information system.  All CSU campuses are required to implement the CSU Common Management System (CMS) baseline version of the PeopleSoft Student Administration system by fall 2008. The SA Collaborative campuses have agreed to combine implementation efforts to leverage resources and reduce the overall cost of implementation as compared to independent campus implementation costs. 

What is the timeline for the SA System?

The implementation work will be executed over approximately 24 months beginning October 2006 and completed in the fall semester 2008.

The "Major" Go-live dates are:

  • Admissions – October 2007
  • Financial Aid – January 2008
  • Student Enrollment – April 2008
  • Student Financials – April 2008

What is my "Department ID," "chargeback code," and all these other new terms I’m hearing?

If you need to know your Department ID or chargeback code (or just have a question about what code you should use), there is probably someone right in your office who knows.  Check our Department Contact List.  If you are still not able to find the number you need, e-mail