Student Administration team

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Team Members

Student Admin Organization Chart (59KB GIF)

SA Implementation Council:

  • April Grommo
  • Darren Bush
  • David Barsky
  • Andres Favela
  • CeCe Schouwe
  • Nathan Evans
  • Nancy Suarez
  • Keith Butler
  • Dan Zorn
  • Evelyn Padua Andrews
  • James Garrison
  • Margo Lopez

 SA Project Team:

  • April Grommo
  • James Garrison
  • Alan Miles
  • Alma McFarland
  • Chris Lambert
  • Paul Tiglao
  • Lourdes Shahamiri
  • Tricia Henlon
  • Eric Bullard
  • Becky Hunt
  • Diane Petersen
  • Criselda Yee
  • Patti Garnet
  • Judy Hahn
  • Pam Bell
  • Teri Renner

CSUSM CMS high Level Timeline

CMS Readiness Assessment Manual

CMS Readiness Assessment Schedule

What is the Student Administration Collaborative?

SA Collaborative Student Project Approach

The SA Collaborative is a group of CSU campuses (Bakersfield, Humboldt, Monterey Bay, San Marcos and Stanislaus) that currently use SCT/Banner as their student information system.  All CSU campuses are required to implement the CSU Common Management System (CMS) baseline version of the PeopleSoft Student Administration system by fall 2008. The SA Collaborative campuses have agreed to combine implementation efforts to leverage resources and reduce the overall cost of implementation as compared to independent campus implementation costs.   

What is the timeline for the SA System?

The implementation work will be executed over approximately 24 months beginning October 2006 and completed in the fall semester 2008. 

The “Major” Go-live dates are:

  • Admissions – October 2007
  • Financial Aid – January 2008
  • Student Enrollment – April 2008
  • Student Financials – April 2008

How has the campus prepared for the student project?

  • The executive leadership of the campus is fully aware and committed to successfully supporting and achieving the goals and objective of the project.
  • The CMS Steering Committee meets regularly to plan and provide direction and resolve issues for the project team to be successful.
  • Key resources have been committed to the project by departmental level management to participate in the project.
  • A multi-year budget plan has been developed and funding has been secured.

How can I learn more about the student administration project?

There are several ways to stay informed about the CMS project. We suggest you visit the campus CMS website at and visit the Chancellor’s Office website at

We will also provide updates at campus meetings.

How will students and faculty be impacted by the Student Administration system?

The self-service functions for students and faculty will move to PeopleSoft. Changes will also occur with special permissions for students to enroll in classes and there have been discussions regarding the implementation of class wait-listing.