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Ted Shore, Ph.D.


  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resources Management
  • Personnel Selection/Appraisal
  • Employment Law
  • Human Capital/Organizational Behavior


  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behavior


Ted began his career with the Standard Oil Company of Ohio (SOHIO) in corporate human resources where he performed such functions as development and validation of selection programs, employee attitude surveys, individual pre-hire psychological assessment, and the corporate assessment center. He left the corporate arena to pursue an academic career and has taught at several universities in the fields of human resource management, organizational behavior and general management. He has published a variety of articles in academic journals and presented numerous papers at academic conferences covering such topics as employee work attitudes, workplace equity, performance appraisal, management assessment centers, compensation, and business ethics. He has been an HR consultant for various corporations including BellSouth, Eastman Kodak, IBM and Merrill Lynch. Ted holds degrees from SUNY Buffalo (B.A.), City College of the City University of New York (M.A.) and Colorado State University (Ph.D.). He is licensed as an industrial and organizational psychologist in California. 

Recent Publications

  • Shore, T.H. & Tashchian, A. (2013).  Perceptions of unemployed workers: Effects of unemployment duration, volunteerism and age.  Journal of Applied Business Research, 29 (4), 1-8.
  • Shore, T.H. &  Strauss, J. (2012).  Effects of pay and productivity comparisons in the workplace on employee attitudes: An experimental investigation.  International Journal of Management, 29, 677-686.
  • Sy, T., Shore, L.M, Strauss, J., Shore, T.H., Tram, S., Whitely, P., & Ikeda-Muromachi, K. (2010).  “Leadership perceptions as a function of race-occupation fit: The case of Asian Americans”. Journal of Applied Psychology, 95, 903-919.
  • Shore, T.H., Bommer, W.H., & Shore, L.M.  (2008).  An integrative model of managerial perceptions of employee commitment to the organization: Antecedents and influences on employee treatment.  Journal of Organizational Behavior, 29, 635-655.
  • Shore, T.H., & Strauss, J.  (2008).  The political context of performance appraisal: Effects of organizational goals on performance ratings. International Journal of Management, 25, 599-612.
  • Shore, T.H., & Strauss, J. (2008).  The measurement of equity sensitivity: A comparison of the Equity Sensitivity Instrument and the Equity Preference Questionnaire.  Psychological Reports, 102, 64-78.