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Building Donors

Item Named Donor(s)
Building (including Lobby and Plaza)
Ken and Carole Markstein
Case Study Room (60 Seat)
Hunter Industries, Inc.
Case Study Room (45 Seat)
Bob Crouch
Classroom (60 Seat)
Watkins Manufacturing Corporation
Classroom (35 Seat)
Frances Hunter
Gary and Julie Malino
Mission Federal Credit Union
Conference Room
CBIZ San Diego
Du Family
Eckert Family
Bob and Catherine Goldsmith
Teamwork Athletic Apparel
Department Office
Julia Anthony
Design Fabrication, Inc.
Grice, Lund and Tarkington
Lusardi Construction
Faculty Office
Glen Brodowsky, Ph.D.
Marty Gannon, Ph.D.
Bob Hamer
Soheila Jorjani, Ph.D.
Advising Suite
Innovative Body Science
Senior Experience Room
Ecke Family
Scott Free
Moss-Adams LLP
San Diego Union-Tribune
Wells Fargo Bank, Escondido