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Part Two


BUS 492 (1 unit) | Problem Assessment and Critical Thinking
Review of problem identification, problem solving, critical thinking, consultation, project management and strategies for team effectiveness.  Students work in teams with local organizations on actual business problems/projects. Following formation of teams, members prepare and formally present their Senior Experience proposal.

Please Note: Open only to CoBA seniors. Do not follow the course start date you see on the CSUSM website. This course starts before the regular start of the semester!

Prerequisites: Lower-Division Pre-Business Core, Foundations of Business Courses, and selected Core courses. Refer to your Option Checklist for details.

Students meet primarily with one instructor in a classroom setting. This course is an introduction to critical thinking, problem solving, project design, consultation, group dynamics and decision making. Students will form teams for Senior Experience and each team will be matched with an organization and a Faculty Supervisor. At the end of the course, student teams prepare a written project proposal and present their proposals to the class. The primary components of the course grades include a project proposal, the proposal presentation, written assignments and peer review.