Mass Media Degree Requirements

All courses taken for the major, including Preparation for the Major courses, must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better. A minimum of eighteen (18) units of upper-division credits must be earned at CSUSM.


General Education:                              51 units

Major                                                    48 units

Preparation for the Major                             9

Major core requirements                             15

Major elective requirements                        24

Other electives                                    21 units

Students must take a sufficient number of elective units to bring total to number of units to a minimum of 120 units

Preparation for major                           9 units

COMM 100                                                 3

COMM 200                                                 3

PSYC 220 or SOC 201                                 3

Upper division requirements                       39

Major Core courses                             15 units

COMM 360                                                3

MASS 301                                                 3

MASS 303                                                 3             

MASS 304                                                 3

COMM 390 or COMM 402                            3


Major Upper division electives           24 units

Mass Media electives*                               15

Other media related electives**                  9

*Mass Media Electives: MASS 322, 324, 451, 452, 460, 470, 495, 499

** For other media-related electives, students may select among the mass media electives above and/or from other upper-division media-related electives offered in the Communication department (COMM) or other programs and departments in CHABSS with a clear media emphasis. Sample electives are provided as follows, but other electives may also apply. Check with your faculty advisor for approval: COMM 355, 370, 410, 440, 455, 460, 465, 470, 485; ECON 327***; VSAR 304, 306, 309, 317, 432, 433; LTWR 334-A-C***; NATV 350/SOC 350***; SOC 467***. *** With consent of faculty advisor.


Special Conditions for the Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media

Mass Media students are strongly advised to take COMM 360 prior to or concurrently with other 300-level Mass Media courses and must take it prior to enrolling in 400 level courses. Students may apply a maximum of 6 units of Independent study (MASS 499) or Internship (MASS 495) toward the Mass Media degree. Students may count a maximum of 3 courses (typically, 9 units) of additional pertinent upper-division CSUSM elective coursework taken inside or outside the Communication department toward the Mass Media degree. These media-related courses may include Communication department courses related to Media, as well as media-related courses offered by other CSUSM departments and programs (see sample course list on next column).

Students are responsible for consulting with their faculty advisor prior to selecting courses to confirm their applicability toward the degree program. Your faculty advisor must approve courses selected from outside the Communication department. In addition to seeking Communication department faculty advisor approval, students should be aware that courses outside the Communication department may have prerequisites or restrictions specified by the department or program offering the course. Students should consult the catalog and check with the instructor to confirm their ability to enroll.

Mass Media students may not use COMM 360 or any other course that counts as a DD as both a DD course and as a course to be counted toward the degree. A course to be counted toward Mass Media Elective coursework may not also be applied toward a minor.