Communication Department Responds to Hate Crimes

The faculty and staff in the Communication Department join President Karen Haynes and the staff in the Social Justice Centers in condemning the recent spate of bias and hate crimes on our campus. Any communicative act that sends a message of bias and/or hate toward a particular group deeply saddens and angers us. We strongly abhor these acts. They are cowardly, rooted in ignorance, and morally repugnant. The hateful words and symbols used in these recent crimes create a frightening and hostile environment for all. It is our continued mission to educate and support the community in understanding the links between communication and structures of social inequality.

Educate Yourself

If you are interested in what makes a hate and/or bias crime, we have provided a list of useful resources below. In addition, the department will host a forum on the impact of these crimes as well as ways you can show your solidarity with others.

Educational Forum on Hate Crime (APR 2010)

Watch 2012 Whiteness Forum Here