The Communication Society of California State University San Marcos is changing the world with words one opportunity at a time. This organization offers a variety of events to attend- from meetings that offer career advice, workshops on social media, to volunteering events that benefit the homeless. Whether a member wants to seek ways to better themselves or better the community, Comm. Society provides the tools to do it.

Comm. Society is open to ANY major, for this organization strives to foster campus and community involvement for ALL.  Attending events hosted by Comm. Society allows networks to prosper with fellow students as well as professionals that can launch members into their future careers.

Meetings are held twice a month, both containing the same information, allowing members to choose a time that works best with their schedule. Please refer to our website for more details. Visit us at

Information about Communication Society can also be found on social media:


Instagram: @CalStateComm

For any questions or comments, email